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RCC Awards Program

Excellence Matters in Employees (EMIE) Awards

The EMIE Award program provides immediate recognition each month for an employee’s demonstration of excellent service to internal or external customers, behaviors and values toward promoting a positive work environment, extraordinary teamwork or leadership, improving efficiency with a new or modified business practice, performance on a special project, exemplary effort, teaching excellence, employee appreciation, and/or demonstrating behaviors enhancing the mission of the College. Any employee, regardless of employment status, is eligible to be nominated for an EMIE Award.

Procedures for the EMIE Award Program: Any employee may nominate another staff or faculty member for the EMIE Award by completing the EMIE Award Form. Each calendar month a random drawing of one name from all nominations collected in that month will be held.

Full-time faculty and staff selected for the EMIE Award from the drawing will be allowed to select either one day of paid leave (8 hours) or $100. Hourly or adjunct employees selected will be paid $100. The monetary award of $100 will be paid through the employee’s payroll on the nearest pay date following the drawing allowing for processing implications.

Managers and nominated employees will receive a copy of the employee’s nomination form and the original will be placed in the personnel file.

Contact Bridgit King at 804-758-6723 with any questions.

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IDEAL Awards

The annual IDEAL awards are for employees who exemplify the College’s values of integrity, diversity and inclusion, excellence, access, and learning for life through performance and service and whose exceptional professional accomplishments, contributions, and activities support the mission of the College and the Virginia Community College System, promote a rigorous learning environment (instructional faculty), and demonstrate extraordinary talent.

  • Integrity – We expect honesty and model accountability.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – We value cultural and individual perspectives in our workplace, classroom, and community.
  • Excellence – We maintain high academic standards through student-centered learning, relevant curricula, and holistic support services.
  • Access –We provide convenient, affordable, and flexible educational opportunities for all.
  • Learning for Life – we educate for today and tomorrow.

Eligibility: An award will be presented annually to employees in each of the following categories:

  • Full-time instructional faculty (see teaching faculty reward and recognition)
  • Full-time classified staff, administrative, and professional faculty
  • Part-time wage employees
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Dual Enrollment faculty

Individuals are eligible for the IDEAL award once every three years.

Award Amount and Recognition

The IDEAL Faculty Excellence award winner will be announced at the College’s annual spring convocation, recognized in the Commencement Program, and recognized at the Commencement Ceremony. The award amount for full-time faculty is $2,000.00, $750 for adjunct faculty, and $750 for Dual Enrollment faculty.


IDEAL Award Nomination Form


Procedures for Full-time and Adjunct Teaching Faculty

This award is presented each year to one full-faculty member, one adjunct faculty member, and one Dual Enrollment faculty member who substantially and demonstrably exceed performance expectations in one or more of the following areas: Teaching, Scholarly and Creative Engagement, Institutional Responsibility, or Service. The following defines each area:

Teaching – Performance in the classroom or other instructional environment best exemplifies effectiveness in promoting student achievement, including:

  • Conducting extraordinary or innovative learning activities to the benefit of students
  • Designing instructional materials to improve student learning
  • Developing and employing innovative teaching strategies that promote an inclusive learning environment
  • Developing delivery modalities that expand student success
  • Demonstrating exceptional achievement of student learning outcomes

Scholarly and Creative Engagement – Significant academic scholarly accomplishment through research, publishing and/or professional presentations, grant activity, or creative works, including:

  • Research in the teaching discipline, instructional pedagogy, or instructional technology
  • Publication in newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, or other recognized media
  • Receipt of a major grant or significant contribution to grant development or review
  • Production of public exposition of creative works in visual arts, performing arts, musical arts, literary arts, or other fine arts
  • Presentation and/or major speech at professional organizations or events
  • Honors, awards, or recognition from professional organizations

Institutional Responsibility – Major accomplishment of significant quality that furthers the College’s achievement of its strategic priorities, exemplifies the College’s values, including:

  • Providing leadership for a major strategic initiative
  • Chairing a committee or task force that leads to a significant improvement in student success, business processes, or instructional quality
  • Challenging and motivating others to be respectful of diverse cultures, to remove barriers to inclusion, and to foster an atmosphere of acceptance and support in the classroom and throughout the College.

Service – Significant impact on the College’s image through community service and/or involvement, including:

  • Involvement in a community event such as charity fund raisers, events to foster diversity awareness, or other events designed to benefit the local community
  • Volunteerism at a local community agency, school, or church
  • Service on the board of a local community service agency


In order to be eligible to receive an award full-time faculty must be a member of the full-time teaching faculty who is not in their first year of full-time employment; must have received an evaluative rating of “Meets Expectations” as of the most recently completed comprehensive faculty evaluation; and, be current in the establishment, assessment, and satisfactory progress of Annual Performance and Professional Development Objectives. Adjunct and Dual Enrollment faculty must have taught for the College for a minimum of two semesters or the equivalent.


An eligible faculty member may be self-nominated or may be nominated any college employee, student, or member of the community. Nominations for this award are due to HR by March 1. Once a nomination is received, faculty will be notified and must complete an application portfolio that includes a summary of the accomplishment, contribution, or activity for which they were nominated and also includes supporting documentation of exceptional performance. Evidence provided in the application portfolio should be sufficient to establish that the accomplishment, contribution, or activity was innovative or otherwise distinctive, impactful, and supportive of the College’s mission, vision, and values. The completed portfolio must be submitted to the ad hoc committee for Annual Recognition by March 15 (date may vary depending on the date of spring convocation). The award will be presented annually at the spring convocation and winners will be recognized in the Commencement Program, and recognized at the Commencement Ceremony.