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Could you use a little extra help understanding a concept in class? Need feedback on a paper before turning it in? Want some help with effective study techniques?


RCC’s tutoring services are here to help you—and it’s free!

Schedule an appointment in Navigate to meet with a tutor via Zoom.

Watch this video to learn how to schedule a tutoring appointment in Navigate.

If RCC tutors are not available for the subject you need help in, then you can access live online tutoring through BrainFuse.


Log into myRCC and click on the BrainFuse tile.

  • Use BrainFuse to connect online with a tutor in real time. Tutoring is done through chat and a shared virtual whiteboard
  • Use BrainFuse’s Writing Lab to receive suggestions within 24 hours for improving your paper.
  • BrainFuse also has other academic tools to help you study, like digital flashcards and practice tests.

Check out the BrainFuse User Guide to learn about all the study tools BrainFuse has available.

You can also work with other classmates using Navigate's StudyBuddies