Your Guide to Understanding SIS
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A New Look to SIS

Introducing ‘FLUID’, a new look and feel to our 9.2 Student Information System (SIS). Student users will navigate through the system slightly different and will get used to some new terminology like Homepages and Tiles.

Logging In:
Log in to SIS as usual using the myVCCS portal and credentials. Clicking the SIS Tile will bring you to your FLUID Homepage.

My Student Information Tile
Help and FAQ Tile
RCC Navigate

The Student Homepage

Student users will have their own homepage which includes three Tiles that direct them to SIS and external resources.

1. My Student Information

This tile takes you directly to your current Student Center page in SIS. Here, you will find important details, such as your class schedule, enrollment dates, and payment or Financial Aid information.

2. Help & FAQs

This tile is linked to the VCCS FLUID website which includes helpful tips and other information for the new user interface.

3. Navigate

This tile is linked directly to your college’s Navigate system. Navigate provides planning and advising tools, along with other student supports.

Student Center Large Version

The Student Center

The Student Center page now includes a collection of links on the left-hand side of the page. This allows for quick access to common areas that are spread across the screen.

Student Center, Small Version