Jennifer James

The Value of an RCC Education

Jennifer Davis James

Jennifer Davis James

Jennifer James attended Rappahannock Community College from 1998 to 2000 and says that her favorite class was Public Speaking. “Public Speaking challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and helped me gain the confidence to effectively speak to an audience,” Jennifer says.

Jennifer was surprised by the life skills she learned at RCC, including time management and prioritization. “As a student straight from high school and new to college, I expected to learn just core academic content — I didn’t realize that I would learn valuable life skills that have helped to shape me into the person I am today,” Jennifer explains.

An Affordable Education

A quality education at an affordable price and the benefit of various transfer agreements that allowed her credits to seamlessly transfer toward a bachelor’s degree drove Jennifer’s decision to enroll at RCC.

She started her career in banking and after starting her first managerial role, discovered a passion for helping others grow and develop. This led her to pursue leadership positions in human resources.

“My RCC education helped me get my career started and provided a solid educational foundation that I’ve been able to build upon,” Jennifer says. “I believe that I learned how to make better decisions because my courses at RCC taught me critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.”

The “value proposition” of RCC for Jennifer was earning her Associate’s degree that enabled her to get a better paying first job compared to entering the job market directly out of high school. It cost her less to earn a Bachelor’s degree because her first two years of quality education from RCC transferred seamlessly to her four-year university when she decided, as a working adult, to further her education.

Learn About Your Community College

Jennifer Davis James at Graduation from RCC

Jennifer Davis James at Graduation from RCC

Jennifer has some advice for those looking to further their education: “For future students considering their college choices — take the time to learn about your local community college. Visit the campus, meet the faculty and staff, and explore the various offerings that are available to help you launch your career.”

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree with a minor in Human Resources from Mary Baldwin University and her Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Capital from Virginia Commonwealth University. She also holds a Community College Leadership Graduate Certificate from Old Dominion University.

Jennifer works for the Virginia Community College System in Richmond, Virginia, as a human resources consultant. She grew up in Lottsburg (Northumberland County), Virginia and now lives in Aylett (King William County). Jennifer and her husband, Joseph, have a second home on the river in her home town that they enjoy on the weekends.

Maintaining a strong connection to RCC is important to Jennifer. “I remain connected with one fellow alum who I met at RCC. We formed a life-long friendship due to our shared experience at the College,” she explains. “The area that the college serves is home to me, therefore, it is near and dear to my heart.”