Teamwork Makes the Difference at Rappahannock Community College

A Letter from Brian S. Dillon

Teamwork makes the difference at RCC“My wife was in Warsaw today to finish the enrollment of our daughter and your whole staff did a fantastic job. When she walked into R&A, three people had taken the time to wait for and greet her.

We had some issues with graduation records, but Hutt Williams, Carol Baetz and Linda Gaskins were all anxious to make sure we concluded the process today.

Linda had prepared a class schedule based on our perceived needs, and she willingly wrote out by hand the adjusted schedule we had settled on. When one of the classes suddenly filled up, Charlene Jones took the whole process over to get a quick resolution.

She said, “You’ve been here for hours with four kids. That’s enough.” They got it done and it was great. Sharon Mann, working the payment window, did a great job as well.

Not only did they get the job done in an efficient way, they were all amazingly welcoming to my daughter.

She was in a tour last week and Charlene had remembered her and was very welcoming.

My daughter is deaf and Linda went to the trouble of learning some sign language to greet here when they showed up.

I just can’t praise them enough in this respect. My daughter is really looking forward to this semester mainly as a consequence of all their help.”