The results are in—RCC is where you need to be! Fall 2020 Student Survey Results

Masked student sits at table258 current students gave us their thoughts! 97% say that RCC provides high quality educational experiences 95% say RCC is helpful 92% say RCC provides high quality support services 98% say the buildings and grounds are well-maintained and clean. Here are just a few responses from our student survey on the RCC experience:

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“My professor is an amazing person and a great teacher. Almost every week, I have a ‘Eureka!’ moment, where something that I felt I was very unfamiliar with suddenly clicked into place mentally. I look forward to continuing my education with him as a teacher very much.”

“My experience at RCC has far exceeded my expectations for a community college. or any college, for that matter. I am in one of the best Nursing Programs in the area. The fair tuition costs and financial support services have made my college career less financially stressful.”

“I have one class left at RCC and my experience at the Glenn’s Campus has been invaluable. The instructors and staff have made it comfortable for me, an anxious, P.T.S.D survivor to become a new woman with a bright future.”

I have been taking RCC classes since my 10th grade year and I am now a senior. I have not been disappointed at all, and the advanced pace option given by the 8-week courses are great! They allow me to complete courses before spring time which is usually very busy for me.”

RCC has given me some great experiences and opportunities that I never would have expected so close to home. I’ve made some phenomenal social connections with instructors and peers, but this time in quarantine has really taken away from that fantastic aspect of RCC. I miss it more and more each day and have come to realize how important that socialization aspect is for me. However, the school has done a good job converting and adapting to the online learning format. I appreciate RCC more than I ever would’ve expected, and I don’t mean to sound corny, but it will always have a special place in my heart.”

“I think RCC is an outstanding community college, and we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful institute in our area!”