RCC Scholarship Recipients and Donors Honored

scholarship receptionThe Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation, Inc. (RCC EFI) hosted its annual scholarship program reception on October 23, 2019 to honor the 2019-2020 scholarship recipients and donors.       

Dr. Robert Gates, RCC EFI board president and scholarship donor, began the presentation by recognizing the attendees’ commitment to higher education. “We are grateful to have the ability to award more than $500,000 thanks to our donors,” stated Gates. “We are committed to helping students succeed at RCC.”

“What a great community college,” exclaimed College President Dr. Shannon Kennedy, as she welcomed guests, congratulated students who received scholarships, and thanked donors for their generosity. “I’d like to congratulate the students for two reasons. The first is on your excellent decision to attend RCC. The staff and faculty genuinely care about you and your success; and second that you cared enough about your education and future that you applied for scholarships.”

Support is Transformational

Kennedy continued by also acknowledging the donors, “I hope you realize the impact your generosity has on students. Your support is transformational for them.”

Scholarship recipients and donors individually stood to be recognized as Dr. David Keel, dean of student development, announced the awardee names and the respective donors. 

Tammy Rogers, recipient of the Patricia Royal Perkinson and the Charles and Elizabeth Ryland Memorial Scholarships, delighted in the opportunity to meet Ryland family members. “After 23 years of employment with the same company, the owners sold the business, and I was out of a job. I like helping people so I decided to go to RCC for nursing, and I love it. It’s been tough, mentally and financially. Without the scholarships I wouldn’t be able to do this,” explained Rogers.

William Martin, founder of the Martin Family Engineering and Science Scholarship, met a recipient of his scholarship, Wraith Hostler, who expressed his appreciation for Martin’s support.

“Students shouldn’t be held back by money. They need to be encouraged,” responded Martin when asked why he created the scholarship. “I learned about RCC’s Educational Foundation and scholarships at the annual Preakness Party and realized my money would have a greater impact on a larger number of people if done through the community college,” said Martin. The Preakness Party is the Educational Foundation’s annual fundraising event.

cooke-breslauScholarship sponsor Dr. Dorothy Cosby Cooke talked with Melissa Bredlau who received one of the many scholarships funded annually through Dr. Cooke’s endowed fund. Bredlau said the scholarship was very important to her as she pursues her RN degree. “I already had a bachelor’s degree so I can’t qualify for federal or state financial aid,” explained Bredlau.

The Generosity of Donors

From single mothers to recent high school graduates, students in their teens to those in their 30s and 40s, each scholarship recipient had a different life story but all expressed the same sentiment—the generosity of donors is instrumental in helping them fulfill their education goals.

Sarah Pope, RCC EFI Executive Director, said that the foundation awarded $575,500 in scholarships to more than 300 students for the last academic year.  The average award was $1,900 which covers about 40% of full-time tuition for the year at RCC.

The scholarship application for the 2020-2021 academic year is open until February 15, 2020.  Students need to complete just one online application (www.rappahannock.edu/scholarships) to qualify for more than 100 different scholarships earmarked specifically for RCC students. 

Establish a Scholarship

If you are interested in learning more about how to establish a scholarship, go to: www.rappahannock.edu/scholarships or contact Sarah Pope, RCC EFI Executive Director at spope@rappahannock.edu or 804-333-6705.