RCC students visit nation’s capital

On August 23, Rappahannock Community College’s Student Support Services (SSS) and Student Development Offices jointly sponsored a field trip to Washington, D.C., where the group of students and SSS staff took a self-guided tour of the White House, and visited several of the museums and galleries that make up the Smithsonian Institute.

RCC students visit nation’s capital on August 23

“The entire trip was wonderful,” says SSS administrative officer Lorraine Justice. “The students and staff had a great time. Having the opportunity to take a group of our students to visit the White House and see pictures of President Obama and the First Lady, and where the past presidents and their family members resided, was awesome. It was such a lovely day, and we had plenty of time to visit the different Smithsonian museums and historic sites. The students really enjoyed this cultural trip.”

“The trip was very educational,” affirms student Annette Hamilton. “I really enjoyed going to the aerospace museum and the African Art museum at the Smithsonian Institute. At the White House and the entire area, I felt safe, and I saw how it is to protect the President—the Secret Service agents were everywhere. And we saw a helicopter take off at the White House. I can’t wait to visit again!”

Students participating were Doris Kendall, Jasmine Richards-Byrd, and Shontante Samuel, all of Essex County; Alys Davis, Destiny Davis, DeJuan Friday, and Angela Pollard, all of King and Queen County; Grace Lee, King George County; Britni Clark, Middlesex County; Isabella Cashin, New Kent County; Alonya Bates, D’Myra Brown, DeAndra Burrell, and Michele Zampogna, all of Richmond County; and Jacinta Ball, Teresa Corcoran, Annette Hamilton, Gloria Rich, and Shamieka Tate, all of Westmoreland County;

For the 2015-16 academic year, RCC was awarded $293,643 to offer assistance to its students through the Student Support Services program. The United States Department of Education established this program to help remove social, cultural, and economic barriers to higher education; it provides RCC students who meet its guidelines with individualized academic and personal counseling, tutoring, and cultural and social enrichment opportunities. The Department of Education makes these services available through the TRIO series of federal grant programs.

Photo: A group of RCC students made a field trip to Washington, D.C., on August 23. The trip was co-sponsored by the college’s Student Support Services and Student Development Offices.
First row, left to right: Britni Clark, Gloria Rich, Doris Kendall, Annette Hamilton, and Alonya Bates.
Second row, left to right: Shamieka Tate, Jasmine Richards-Byrd, Teresa Corcoran, Alys Davis, Angela Pollard, and Destiny Davis.
Third row, left to right: DeJuan Friday, D’Myra Brown, DeAndra Burrell, Shontante Samuel, and Jacinta Ball, Westmoreland County.
Fourth row, left to right: Lorraine Justice, administrative officer for the SSS program at RCC; students Grace Lee and Isabella Cashin; SSS counselor Joseph Coleman; and student Michele Zampogna.