The RCC A Club

RCC honors students who earn excellent grades

The RCC A Club

Pictured, left to right: Robertson; Brock; RCC’s vice president of instruction and student development, Dr. Donna Alexander; Cook; and Glenns Campus counselor Tanya Oliver.

Several Rappahannock Community College students received recognition as “A” Club members during celebratory luncheons sponsored by the college’s Student Support Services (SSS) Office on April 21 and 23. The “A” Club luncheons, held during the fall and spring semesters, single out SSS participants who were enrolled in at least two classes during the preceding semester(s), and earned an A or an S (satisfactory) in each class.

Those receiving certificates were Katie Brock, Saysha Cook, Teresa Weaver, and Loren Wooten, all of Gloucester County; Monisha Holmes, King and Queen County; Kristina Wagner, King William County; Falon Robertson, Lancaster County; Georgiana Lee, Middlesex County; and Paul Jones, Westmoreland County.

For the 2013-14 academic year, RCC was awarded $303,037 to offer assistance to its students through the Student Support Services program, which was established by the United States Department of Education to help remove social, cultural, and economic barriers to higher education.

The program provides RCC students who meet its guidelines with individualized academic and personal counseling, tutoring, and cultural and social enrichment opportunities. The Department of Education makes these services available through the TRIO series of federal grant programs.