Summer 2016 degrees and certificates awarded at RCC

As a service to its students, Rappahannock Community College awards degrees and certificates after each academic semester, rather than only in the spring. Graduates receive their academic credentials at the time they complete their curricular requirements, and may then march in the Commencement procession the following May, if they wish.

Ninety-three students have taken advantage of this opportunity to graduate at the end of the Summer 2016 semester, earning 126 degrees and certificates among them. They are: Oscar Aguayo§, Cameron Baldwin, Jessica Ball, Matthew Blankenbaker, Logan Blazvick, Robert Brandel, Camela Brock, Shayla Brooks, D’Myra Brown, Nicholas Brown, Grete Brummett³*+, Sarah Buckley¹, Gregory Buckner, Taryn Burrell, Kristen Campbell, Savannah Carabin¹, Rachael Clark, Lawrence Conley, Amber Conley*, Sara Courtney*, Holly Covington, Daniel Davis, Kristin Davis, Alys Davis+, Summer Dowdy¹, Kelly Dunster, Shelby Dyke, Austin Edwards², Briannah Ehly, Richard Farmer, Jennie Fryer, Sara Gallagher¹, Jamie Garcia, Donna Gibson, Rachel Gibson, James Giffin²*, Taylor Glass, Brandi Gossett, Barry Green, Sara Gregory¹, Shelby Gwartney*, Andrea Hathaway, Laine Haynes², Joshua Helmich, Tikoya Henderson¹, Tauveone Hill, Kirstyn Hoagland, Jasmine Holmes, Annette Huggins*+, Brandee Hutton²+, Rachael Jewell¹, Katie Johnson, Cullen Kettle+, Courtney Kimble, Alexis Lassiter*, Michelle Macaluso, Katie Mainwaring, Brianna Manniso, Mariah Martin², Lacey McGilvary, Thomas McKeel, Guadalupe Mejia, Kemiya Middleton, Taylor Miller, Tanya Neal-Key, Jessica Nelson, Dennis Norman§, Matthew Oliver, Dalton Olson³*+, Angela Pittman, Paige Pittman, Jalisa Reed, Lexes Reiss¹, Molly Revak², Brandy Robinson², Jasmine Ruczynski, Megan Sanders, Melanie Shaffer, Erin Shelton, Magdalene Smith, Silver Sparks Bennett, Richard Spillane³*+, Amanda Straughan¹, Morgan Straughan³*, Robert Thomas, Cody Torrence, Annika Troutman¹, Taylor Walden, Kandice Wauhop, Courtnay Wilkinson, Drayfus Wilson, Tiera Wilson, and Lauren Young.

Graduates listed by county or town of residence:

Colonial Beach: Matthew Blankenbaker, Tanya Neal-Key, Amanda Straughan¹, and Courtnay Wilkinson.

Essex County: Grete Brummett³*+, Rachael Clark, Taylor Glass, Jasmine Holmes, and Jessica Nelson.

Gloucester County: Oscar Aguayo§, Logan Blazvick, Camela Brock, Sarah Buckley¹, Kristen Campbell, Daniel Davis, Summer Dowdy¹, Shelby Dyke, Briannah Ehly, Jennie Fryer, Barry Green, Shelby Gwartney*, Brandee Hutton²+, Katie Mainwaring, Matthew Oliver, Lexes Reiss¹, Molly Revak², Robert Thomas, Annika Troutman¹, and Tiera Wilson.

King and Queen County: Alys Davis+, Donna Gibson, Rachel Gibson, Mariah Martin², Taylor Miller, Melanie Shaffer, and Kandice Wauhop.

King George County: Savannah Carabin¹, Austin Edwards², Tauveone Hill, Kirstyn Hoagland, Michelle Macaluso, Guadalupe Mejia, Jasmine Ruczynski, and Erin Shelton.

Lancaster County: Andrea Hathaway, Tikoya Henderson¹, Paige Pittman, Magdalene Smith, and Lauren Young.

Mathews County: Richard Farmer, Laine Haynes², and Angela Pittman.

Middlesex County: Kristin Davis, Sara Gregory¹, Joshua Helmich, Annette Huggins*+, Courtney Kimble, Brianna Manniso, Silver Sparks Bennett, and Taylor Walden.

New Kent County: Cameron Baldwin, James Giffin²*, and Cullen Kettle+.

Northumberland County: Taryn Burrell, Lawrence Conley, Holly Covington, Kemiya Middleton, Brandy Robinson², Richard Spillane³*+, and Morgan Straughan³*.

Richmond County: Jessica Ball, D’Myra Brown, Sara Courtney*, Sara Gallagher¹, Jamie Garcia, Dennis Norman§, Jalisa Reed, and Megan Sanders.

West Point: Gregory Buckner, Kelly Dunster, Brandi Gossett, and Lacey McGilvary.

Westmoreland County: Nicholas Brown, Katie Johnson, and Drayfus Wilson.

Outside RCC’s service region:
Fredericksburg: Robert Brandel
Hampton: Shayla Brooks
Henrico: Amber Conley*
City of Richmond: Alexis Lassiter*
Virginia Beach: Dalton Olson³*+
Williamsburg: Thomas McKeel
Yorktown: Torrence Cody

Outside Virginia: Rachael Jewell¹, Ocala, Florida

*Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
+Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
§United States military veteran

¹cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.2 to 3.49
²magna cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.5 to 3.79
³summa cum laude— requires a grade-point average of 3.8 or above