Statewide Showcase Awards honor RCC faculty and staff members

The 32nd annual convention of the Virginia Community College Association in Arlington, October 2-4, featured Showcase Awards honoring one faculty and one staff member from each of the 23 member institutions of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Rappahannock Community College’s nominees for these awards, which recognize consistently outstanding performance in the recipient’s field, were Lisa Tuckey and Heather Adams.

To be chosen as RCC’s representatives on this important occasion, faculty members must demonstrate excellence in teaching. Also, both faculty and staff honorees must have made significant contributions to education in general and to their own colleges in particular, as well as showing a continuing interest in their own personal and professional development.

Biology instructor Lisa Tuckey holds the degrees of bachelor of science in biology from the University of Binghamton (New York) and master of science in marine biology from the College of Charleston (South Carolina); she has also completed several postgraduate biology courses.

She joined RCC in August 2010 to teach general biology as well as anatomy and physiology, having previously taught these two subjects at Thomas Nelson Community College and Gulf Coast Community College (Florida).

However, the majority of her work before coming to RCC has been in field research, mostly on fresh- and saltwater environmental issues. She has also written or contributed to articles in the Journal of Applied Aquaculture and the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.

Tuckey is a member of the World Aquaculture Society, RCC’s Faculty Senate, the Faculty Senate of Virginia, the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, the University of Maryland Honor Society, and the VCCS Science Peer Group. She has been the recipient of several grants focusing on teaching biology via online courses and inactive media.

In serving as head of RCC’s Associate of Arts and Sciences degree program as well as the college’s biology discipline lead, Tuckey says, “I have learned a great deal about the many aspects of the community college experience. I believe it provides a great opportunity for all students.” She adds, “Several of my students have received competitive academic internships and scholarships to four-year institutions, of which I am very proud.”

In her spare time, Tuckey is closely involved with community conservation and environmental clean-up projects. And for fun, she says, “I thoroughly enjoy taking contemporary dance classes.”

Representing RCC’s staff is Business Office buyer Heather Adams, who has served RCC for 13 years.

In addition to her bachelor of science degree in informational technical studies and leadership from Old Dominion University, she holds associate of applied science degrees in information systems technology and financial management/accounting, and certificates in bookkeeping/accounting and microcomputer applications, all from RCC.

She is a member of the Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing, and serves the Mid-Tidewater Baptist Association as disaster relief coordinator, and the Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School Foundation as treasurer.

In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor pursuits such as jogging, hiking, rafting, camping, sports, and gardening, and volunteers with various organizations. “I love sharing time and activities with my family,” she says.