RCC students honored for top grades

Ashley Schwartz (left) and Isabella Cashin (right) were invited to join RCC’s “A” Club in recognition of her excellent grades for the Fall 2016 semester.

Ashley Schwartz (left) and Isabella Cashin (right) were invited to join RCC’s “A” Club in recognition of her excellent grades for the Fall 2016 semester.

Ten Rappahannock Community College students were recognized as members of the “A” Club during a luncheon sponsored by the college’s Student Support Services (SSS) Office on February 3. The “A” Club luncheons, held soon after the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, single out SSS participants who were enrolled in at least two classes during the preceding semester(s), and earned an A or an S (satisfactory) in each class.

The featured speaker was RCC professor Charles Crook, who recommended, “Get the broadest education you can. Life will throw many twists and turns at you, and you seldom wind up where you think you will.” He mentioned his own early ambition to work on sports cars, which morphed by way of a military enlistment into a passion for electronics and a job as a radio broadcast engineer.

Crook’s experience in the military convinced him that he needed more education, but he felt that it was then too late to enroll in a four-year college. He therefore chose a community college, which allowed him to pursue his educational goals through part-time study. Fifteen years later, having gone on to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he realized that the “mission, philosophy, inclusiveness, and personal touch” of a community college was something he wanted to return to as a teacher. He has been a full-time RCC faculty member, teaching chemistry and physics, since 2004.

Those invited to celebrate with the “A” Club on this occasion were: Samuel Barber, Amherst; Doris Kendall and Kashaila Veney, both of Essex County; Sara Gregory, Sharice Murrell, Christina Pyatt and Ashley Schwartz, all of Gloucester County; Lacey Worley, King William County; Isabella Cashin, New Kent County; and Marley Kimmitt, Northumberland County. While many of the club members were prevented from attending the luncheon by work, family, or other commitments, Cashin and Schwartz attended in order to accept their certificates in person.

For the 2016-17 academic year, RCC was awarded $302,452 to offer assistance to its students through the Student Support Services program. The United States Department of Education established this program to help remove social, cultural, and economic barriers to higher education; it provides RCC students who meet its guidelines with individualized academic and personal counseling, tutoring, and cultural and social enrichment opportunities. The Department of Education makes these services available through the TRIO series of federal grant programs.