RCC-RILL focuses on climate change policies

Dr. Gregory Haugan to discuss Climate Change

Dr. Gregory Haugan teaches the RILL class “Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policies on Tidewater Virginia,”

Concerned citizens will appreciate the opportunity to take “Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policies on Tidewater Virginia,” one of the Spring 2017 courses sponsored by the Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation’s Rappahannock Institute for Lifelong Learning (RILL). Global warming expert Dr. Gregory Haugan will conduct the three sessions on March 13, 20, and 27 (Mondays), 1-3 p.m., at RCC’s Kilmarnock Center, Room 100.

It is widely acknowledged that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is necessary in order to mitigate dangerous climate changes. Guidelines toward this goal have been set both for the world and for individual nations, but questions of extent, timing, and cost remain. In this course, Dr. Haugan will discuss the implications for our part of Virginia, and the likely outcomes affecting our children and grandchildren.

Dr. Gregory Haugan is an engineer with advanced degrees in business. This course is the fifth on aspects of global warming and climate change that he has taught for RILL. Haugan is a resident of Northumberland County, a frequent volunteer, and an active management and engineering consultant.

Advance registration, with a tuition payment of $35, is required to take the course. For more information on “Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policies on Tidewater Virginia” and other RILL courses, or to register, please call Sharon Drotleff at RCC’s Educational Foundation office (804-333-6707), or e-mail her at sdrotleff@rappahannock.edu.

The Educational Foundation expresses sincere appreciation to the Bank of Lancaster’s Golden Advantage program, and to Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury, for their generous support of RILL in 2017.