RCC recognized for wellness practices

Rappahannock Community College has recently been recognized by Virginia’s CommonHealth wellness program as demonstrating excellence in workplace health by integrating wellness practices into its workplace culture. On a May 2 visit to the Glenns Campus, Virginia Secretary of Administration Nancy Rodrigues presented the college with the official “CommonHealth Workplace Certified” endorsement. Rodrigues considers employee health a top priority, and as health care costs continue to rise, she would like to see more state employees enroll in the “Premium Rewards” incentive program, which lowers automatic health insurance payments for participating workers.

RCC’s CommonHealth agency coordinator, Bridgit King, was recognized with a separate Certificate of Appreciation for her outstanding work. The document thanked her for a job well done, and for her meaningful contribution to the program’s overall success, stating that her actions had directly influenced RCC employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle, thus increasing their workplace effectiveness and improving their longevity.

“Thank you to everyone who participates in the ‘CommonHealth’ and ‘RCC Get Fit’ programs,” responded King, “for helping RCC become a workplace that recognizes the importance of employee health and wellness.” King keeps this issue squarely in the forefront of her efforts by promoting CommonHealth campaigns and challenges in addition to “Get Fit” team activities. She distributes CommonHealth materials and weekly “Wellnotes” to all employees, and attends regional CommonHealth meetings twice a year.

To date, only 28 state agencies out of more than 500 across the Commonwealth have received the CommonHealth Worksite certification; RCC is the fifth community college, out of Virginia’s 23, to do so. Highlights of RCC’s program, which is strongly supported by President Elizabeth Crowther, include the “Get Fit” team (sponsoring college-wide fitness challenges and activities); easy access for employees, at no charge, to college courses related to health and well-being; healthier snack and lunch options in vending machines; manager support for groups of staff who walk at lunchtime; and CommonHealth sessions as part of the college-wide Convocations.