RCC hosts high school representatives

Meetings at Rappahannock Community College’s Warsaw Campus on November 19, and at its Glenns Campus on November 20, allowed RCC administrators to share information with area high school principals and counselors about the many dual enrollment and other educational opportunities that the college makes available.

The college’s vice president of instruction and student development, Dr. Donna Alexander, welcomed attendees to both meetings and gave an audit of current outcomes of the Virginia Community College System’s dual enrollment initiative.

She then turned the program over to Canice Graziano, RCC’s dean of dual enrollment, and Hutt Williams, its dual enrollment recruiter, who gave a presentation covering the new governing principles of dual enrollment, its new financial model, dual enrollment course requests for 2016-17, placement testing, the RCC Scholars Program (which allows high school students to enroll at a special tuition rate in weekend or evening classes at any of RCC’s six locations), upcoming college and career readiness open houses, and possible career pathways, with emphasis on transfer options and career and technical education.

A series of segments on “Ensuring Student Success” was given by Dr. David Keel, RCC’s dean of student development; Patricia Mullins, academic dean of the Warsaw Campus; Marty Brooks, academic dean of the Glenns Campus; and Dr. Virginia Jones, RCC’s dean of technology. Their topics were, respectively, preparing students for the dual enrollment program, preparing faculty and curriculum, assessing students’ mastery of the program’s subject matter, and improving access to the program as well as its rate of completion.

RCC’s web designer and marketing specialist, Eric Pesola, then gave information about RCC’s website, and librarian Dan Ream spoke about the library resources available to dual enrollment students. Also Sherika Charity, the college’s coordinator of financial aid and veterans’ affairs, described the many scholarships of which RCC students can take advantage. After a break for lunch and networking, each day ended with an open forum for comments and questions.

RCC hopes that this and future meetings will keep the lines of communication open with area high schools, and encourage them to explore the ways by which RCC can give their students a head start on their education. High school students who would like to participate in these programs should talk to their guidance counselors.