RCC degrees and certificates awarded for Summer 2014

As a service to its students, Rappahannock Community College awards degrees and certificates after each academic semester, rather than only in the spring. Graduates receive their academic credentials at the time they complete their curricular requirements, and may then march in the Commencement procession the following May, if they wish.

Sixty-two students have taken advantage of this opportunity to graduate at the end of the Summer 2014 semester, earning 76 degrees and certificates among them. They are: Kristy Adkinson, Amber Allison, Katelyn Baldacci, Heather Bankston, Robert Baylor, Odell Bell, Zachary Brandt, Javonti Braxton, Bonnie Bromley, Tiffany Carter, Matthew Compton*³, Devin Cosby, Tiffany Davis, Victoria Davis, Jamie DeLorme§², Mary Dicus, Katelyn Dodson, Steven Enoch, William Farinholt, Michael Gamble, Cassandra Gower*, Kelsey Greenwood², Felicia Hall, Brandon Harrington, Nisa Harris, Brittany Harrison¹, Jamie Herman¹, Emily Hoar, Roger Jones, Nikki Large¹, Lindsay Lawrence, Alexandra Lewis, Amanda Little, Thomas Loftin§³, Elease Loranger*+³, Emmanuel Madera², Benjamin May, Megan McDaniel², Jason McElrath, Vicky McNeilan², Delores Miller, Shekinah Parker, Guadalupe Perez, Shameika Polk, Corryn Rice, Barbara Riddle, Sarah Rose, Valerie Shelton, Kirsten Sheridan, Crystal Smith, Jacob Smith², Leslie Smith, Benzena Street, Laura Sullivan, Rachel Thomas, Terry Tignor, Janice Whitley*³, Stacey Williamson, Camille Willoughby, and Kellen Wise*².

Graduates listed by county or town of residence:

Essex County:

  • Odell Bell, Javonti Braxton, Guadalupe Perez, and Crystal Smith.

Gloucester County:

  • Heather Bankston, Zachary Brandt, Tiffany Davis, Victoria Davis, Steven Enoch, William Farinholt, Michael Gamble, Felicia Hall, Brandon Harrington, Lindsay Lawrence, Emmanuel Madera², Megan McDaniel², Barbara Riddle, Kirsten Sheridan, Leslie Smith, Jacob Smith², and Janice Whitley*³.

King and Queen County:

  • Nisa Harris and Corryn Rice.

King George County:

  • Amber Allison, Jamie Herman¹, Thomas Loftin§³, Jason McElrath, and Vicky McNeilan².

King William County:

  • Cassandra Gower* and Kelsey Greenwood².

Lancaster County:

  • Bonnie Bromley, Tiffany Carter, Nikki Large¹, Benjamin May, and Terry Tignor.

Mathews County:

  • Devin Cosby, Mary Dicus, Shekinah Parker, Valerie Shelton, and Stacey Williamson.

Middlesex County:

  • Emily Hoar, Amanda Little, Delores Miller, and Sarah Rose.

Northumberland County:

  • Katelyn Dodson, Shameika Polk, Rachel Thomas, and Kellen Wise*².

Richmond County:

  • Brittany Harrison¹, Roger Jones, and Laura Sullivan.

West Point:

  • Elease Loranger*+³ and Benzena Street.

Westmoreland County:

  • Kristy Adkinson, Robert Baylor, and Alexandra Lewis.

Outside RCC’s service region:

  • Jamie DeLorme§², Fredericksburg; Camille Willoughby, James City County; Katelyn Baldacci, Mechanicsville; and Matthew Compton*³, city of Richmond.


*Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

+Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges

§United States military veteran

¹cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.2 to 3.49

²magna cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.5 to 3.79

³summa cum laude— requires a grade-point average of 3.8 or above