RCC degrees and certificates awarded for Summer 2015

As a service to its students, Rappahannock Community College awards degrees and certificates after each academic semester, rather than only in the spring. Graduates receive their academic credentials at the time they complete their curricular requirements, and may then march in the Commencement procession the following May, if they wish.

Seventy-one students have taken advantage of this opportunity to graduate at the end of the Summer 2015 semester, earning 85 degrees and certificates among them. They are: Roberta Blair*, Julianne Bonifacio², Timothy Booth³*+§, Gladys Bracey, Robert Brandel, Jennifer Brewer³*, Ashlee Bristow³*+, Matthew Brown, Llyssa Browning, Genevieve Campagnola, Jessica Cornell¹, Seth Craig, Nathan Damron¹, Ricky Dawson¹§, Tiffany Day, Carlette Dickerson, Ashlynn Dixon, Diamond Doublin, Briannah Ehly, Laura Farmer, Alyssa Fisher¹, Debra Gibbs+, Benjamin Hankins, Suzzanne Harmon§, John Hastings, Amanda Headley, Alonzo Howard, Michael Hurson, Sherry Hutchins, Bradley Jackowski, Joshua Jackson, Natia Jackson¹, Fredre’a Johnson, Kanisha King, Tara Kroner, Cynthia Layne, Kayla Leland, Angelina Lewis³, Halie Maass³*, Dennis Mann, Anne McDermott, Andrea Morrow+, Caitlin Niznik¹, Angela Overstreet, Timothy Pemberton, Michael Persinger, Logan Pitchford³, Herbert Pugh*, Shelly Robertson, Michelle Rush, Rhonda Savage, Lauren Selph¹, Richard Shaw³, Dorthy Shockley, Racheal Sifford§, Candice Smith, Stephen Smith, Abigail Sorey¹, Patrick Strigle, Phatima Taliaferro, Matesha Taylor, Shada Thompkins, Richard Vaughan, Jeffrey Vermeire, Margaret Vondra, Danesha Walters, Samantha Welsh, Sarah White²*, Courtnay Wilkinson, Nicholas Willis³+, and Daijah Wilson.

Graduates listed by county or town of residence:

Colonial Beach: Sherry Hutchins and Courtnay Wilkinson.

Essex County: Angela Overstreet and Matesha Taylor.

Gloucester County: Timothy Booth³*+§, Ashlee Bristow³*+, Seth Craig, Briannah Ehly, Alyssa Fisher¹, Logan Pitchford³, Michelle Rush, Rhonda Savage, Dorthy Shockley, Candice Smith, Patrick Strigle, Shada Thompkins, Jeffrey Vermeire, Samantha Welsh, and Sarah White²*.

King and Queen County: Ashlynn Dixon

King George County: Matthew Brown, Jessica Cornell¹, Ricky Dawson¹§, Benjamin Hankins, Joshua Jackson, Natia Jackson¹, Tara Kroner, Anne McDermott, Caitlin Niznik¹, Richard Shaw³, and Nicholas Willis³+.

King William County: Julianne Bonifacio² and Michael Hurson.

Lancaster County: Shelly Robertson, Lauren Selph¹, Stephen Smith, and Danesha Walters.

Mathews County: Michael Persinger, Abigail Sorey¹, and Angelina Lewis³.

Middlesex County: Nathan Damron¹, Kanisha King, Dennis Mann, Phatima Taliaferro, and Richard Vaughan.

New Kent County: Halie Maass³*

Northumberland County: Roberta Blair*, Jennifer Brewer³*, Carlette Dickerson, Diamond Doublin, Laura Farmer, Debra Gibbs+, Kayla Leland, and Herbert Pugh*.

Richmond County: Tiffany Day, Amanda Headley, and Margaret Vondra.

West Point: Gladys Bracey, Bradley Jackowski, Fredre’a Johnson, Cynthia Layne, and Andrea Morrow+.

Outside RCC’s service region:
Caroline County: Alonzo Howard and Daijah Wilson
Franklin County: Llyssa Browning
Fredericksburg: Robert Brandel
Hampton: Genevieve Campagnola
Prince William County: Timothy Pemberton
Williamsburg: Suzzanne Harmon§ and John Hastings

Outside Virginia: Racheal Sifford§, El Paso, Texas

*Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
+Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
§United States military veteran

¹cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.2 to 3.49
²magna cum laude—requires a grade-point average of 3.5 to 3.79
³summa cum laude— requires a grade-point average of 3.8 or above