Results from RCC Spring Math Contest Announced

On May 9, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., on the Glenns and Warsaw Campuses, Rappahannock Community College hosted the RCC Spring Math Contest.

This was the largest individual contest to date, with 172 students from 18 schools involved. The contest has been held for 45 years at RCC, the first being in 1974 under the direction of former RCC Warsaw Campus Dean Wallace Lemons.

Participating schools

  • Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School Warsaw (CBGSW)
  • Colonial Beach High School (CBHS)
  • Hamilton Holmes Middle School (HHMS)
  • King George Middle School (KGMS)
  • King William High School (KWHS)
  • King and Queen Central High School (KQCHS)
  • Lancaster High School (LHS)
  • Lancaster Middle School (LMS)
  • Middlesex High School (MHS)
  • Montross Middle School(MMS)
  • New Kent High School (NKHS)
  • Northumberland High School (NHS)
  • Northumberland Middle School (NMS)
  • Rappahannock High School (RHS)
  • Richmond County Middle School (RCMS)
  • Saint Claire Walker Middle School (SCWMS)
  • Saint Margarets School (SMS)
  • Ware Academy (WA)

Algebra 1
1st Anna Pierce (SMS) 22 correct
2nd Dillon J Miner (MMS) 18 correct tiebreak
3rd Samuel James Baker (NMS) 18 correct tiebreak

1st Lei(Janet) Shi (SMS) 35 correct
2nd Christie Hirning (RHS) 30 correct tiebreak
3rd Will Reger (NMS) 30 correct tiebreak

Algebra 2
1st Madison Giese (LHS) 26 correct tiebreak
2nd Maggie Collins (RHS) 26 correct tiebreak
3rd Nekhita Kassey (NKHS) 25 correct tiebreak

1st Brandon Bonner (NKHS) 25 correct tiebreak
2nd William McCarty (LHS) 25 correct tiebreak
3rd Mary O’Sullivan (CBGSW) 24 correct