Through Nursing to Administration: Meet Bryant Hudgins ’97

Bryant Hudgins, Class of 1997, is living proof of what hard work and a Nursing degree from RCC can bring.

Bryant Hudgins, Class of 1997, is living proof of what hard work and the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing from RCC can bring.

Bryant Hudgins is very familiar with hard work and fast paced environments. His career has taken him from being a nursing assistant at Walter Reed Convalescent Center, to a supervisor, to manage care, to the Lancashire Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center in Kilmarnock as Active Administrator. His career has been lengthy and intense, but he’s handled it well. As a graduate of Rappahannock Community College — Class of 1997 — he shares how the RCC nursing program set him up for success.

“RCC was a different ball game than Gloucester High School,” he says. “In high school, I never had to study to succeed. I sort of anticipated that the nursing program would be the same way, but it wasn’t. I had to work a lot harder and be a lot more motivated.”

The intensive nature of the nursing program taught Hudgins how to prioritize, multitask, and handle difficult situations with ease.

“If you don’t have those skills in the field that I’m in, you won’t succeed,” he believes.

As Active Administrator for the Lancashire Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center, Hudgins manages plant operations, patient or family concerns, insurance reimbursements, and changing Medicare and Medicaid guidelines, as well as being the corporate safety officer for the company and making sure the environments are safe for everyone.

His job involves a lot of personal interactions with many people, but he asserts that RCC prepared him for that as well. Some students are content to pass through school quietly and unobserved. For these students, it doesn’t matter whether or not they get to know their classmates, or whether or not they make connections. Hudgins, however, feels exactly opposite. For Hudgins, RCC’s community-oriented spirit was one of the standout parts of his experience.

Hudgins needed a school that specialized in personal and individual relationships between himself, his classmates, and his instructors, and RCC offered that to him.

“You won’t get lost in the numbers at RCC,” he says. “My instructors were always very accessible, and they would make the effort to help me that I needed. I really needed that, as well. I needed that extra support. At RCC, I could walk down the hallways and my counselors and professors knew me by name. I think that if I went straight to a larger college after high-school, because high-school was so easy for me, I would have struggled a lot more.”

Hudgins had such a good experience at RCC that he even returned as a keynote speaker to address the nursing school summer graduates of 2015 at their graduation ceremony.

Between his general education and becoming a licensed nurse, Hudgins has had a lot of school. He still takes education seriously, however.

“Study, study, study,” he says. “Even when you’re out of school, you’re always learning, always working hard.

“Nursing is a changing environment, so some of the things you learn at the beginning of school might need relearning at the end of school. Even after you’ve passed your boards, there’s always going to be things to learn. Never stop working and learning.” — Mary Skinner