Taylor Courtney: A King George Dual Enrollment Success Story

Taylor Courtney

Former RCC Dual Enrollment student, Taylor Courtney, has distinguished himself as a high achiever — first by creating an app for King George High School and then enrolling at ODU early.

Life without goals or obstacles is one that is observed as a static and inert lifestyle, which longs to be challenged. When Taylor Courtney was presented with a challenge, he took it in stride, and that challenge soon became his niche.

As a Sophomore at King George High School, Taylor began taking Dual Enrollment classes at RCC. While taking calculus, world religions, to physics, marine sciences, and even chemistry through the Chesapeake Bay Governors School, Courtney was also a member of RCC. Through these rigorous courses, Courtney thrived. Not only did Courtney excel at Dual Enrollment and Governors School, he also presented himself with an obstacle that he knew would not easily be overcome.

Taylor was homeschooled until 7th grade, which did not deter him from applying to Chesapeake Bay Governors School. With a fresh start, Courtney began his dual enrollment experience ready for anything.

With the help of a friend and the pressure of a Future Business Leaders of America competition, Courtney created an app (a phone application for Android devices) for his high school, which features include; a calendar of school events, a grade book, teacher contact lists and more, which are easily found within this app. According to Courtney, this application was similar to a puzzle while in the process of creation, but once conquered, it provided a tool that is now commonly used throughout his alma mater. Taylor created this application with the use of his tech savvy mind and his undeniable patience.

“Built from the ground up,” this app has advanced technology for King George High School and has proved to other students that a simple hobby can lead to something much bigger.

Though building this application was a major success, Courtney also has achieved a great deal of academic excellence. Because of the dual enrollment classes that Courtney took both on and off of RCC’s campus, and the credit hours he accumulated from doing so, Courtney was eligible to enter Old Dominion University with as many credit hours as a junior. Courtney studies Mechanical Engineering at ODU, which is something that both challenges and intrigues him.

Courtney is also in the running for a prestigious internship position, which is a direct result of his academic achievements as well as his personal activities. When asked how he could marry mechanical engineering to graphic skills, he explained that if he was selected for this internship position, he would work on a top secret clearance project involving hardware and software systems.

Not only do dual enrollment classes help achieve college credit while still being in high school, but they also accelerate the pursuit of higher education, and also give the student a jump-start to achieving whatever it is that inspires them.

By accumulating over 80 college credits through dual enrollment, he was able to bypass many of ODU’s basic courses.

From transferring to a four-year university, to entering the workforce, or even both, Rappahannock Community College molds academics for each student’s needs. According to Courtney, RCC prepared him for the real world.

“Compared to high school, dual enrollment classes were more enriching, and I definitely learned more, and they challenged you,” says Courtney. “Dual enrollment got me more ready for the actual ‘on campus’ college experience”

Dual enrollment classes can provide students with the foundation to go far and beyond expectations, allowing them to pursue achievements only dreamed about, which is what Taylor is doing.

For Courtney, graphic design was only a hobby and dual enrollment classes were just a gateway to ODU, but with the knowledge and personal growth RCC helped him gain, he was ultimately rewarded in some incredible ways. — Madisson Lanie Haynes