RCC’s tech department gains faculty member, Lisa Carrington

Lisa Carrington is RCC’s newest information technology instructor.

Lisa Carrington is RCC’s newest information technology instructor.

“I hope to continue to educate students and assist in helping them find careers that they will love,” says Lisa Carrington, Rappahannock Community College’s newest information technology faculty member. “In my efforts, I hope to inspire and promote a sense of self-value that will ensure their futures are as positive as possible.”

Carrington holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and two master’s degrees, one in computer science, and the other in education. “I have been in higher education for most of my career,” she says.

“During this time span, I have served in many information technology positions.” She states that she has worked in the private sector as IT personnel, calling upon various skills within the technology field, and has also worked extensively in the field of project management, particularly with the SharePoint program.

At RCC Carrington teaches “Introduction to Information Systems,” “Introduction to Computer Applications and Concepts,” and “Information Literacy.”

“In these courses,” she says, “I hope the students are able to better understand the concepts and implementations performed within the course. I also hope that the students are able to fluently understand and identify information technology terms and strategies that they learned or are introduced to throughout the course.” She claims as her most significant accomplishment, “teaching students and watching them grow and move forward based on the knowledge that they gain from me.”

“Lisa’s enthusiasm for teaching and her student-centered approach to instruction are contagious,” said RCC’s interim vice president of instruction and student development, Dr. Marty Brooks, in her e-mail introducing Carrington to the RCC community.

Carrington was born in Norfolk and grew up in nearby Chesapeake. She plans in the future to obtain her doctoral degree in higher education, “but right now I am just loving the position I am in.” In her spare time, “I love to coupon as well as reading books. I also like to eat different foods, and visit different places of interest around the state. I would like to travel the world and see all the beauty different areas have to offer.”