From student to graduate to employee, meet Rebecca Guest


Rebecca Guest, RCC Class of 2006, has returned to her alma mater to work in the Financial Aid office.

Rebecca Guest, a former Rappahannock Community College student and native of Gloucester County, has returned to her alma mater. Ms. Guest serves in the RCC Financial Aid office, and from all accounts, everyone is glad that she came back.

“Being a student at RCC, it really taught me how to value higher education,” says Guest. “When I eventually transferred, I had these values instilled in me from RCC, and I knew what I wanted. I didn’t take education for granted.”

After graduating RCC, Guest took a few “gap years” off before transferring to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in 2012. “It wasn’t traditional, but things happen for a reason and I’m glad it worked out that way because if I had gone away immediately, I think I would have been overwhelmed.”

After many years in retail, Guest transferred all of her RCC credits to VCU and graduated with her degree in Human History in 2015. Before coming to work for RCC, she worked as membership coordinator for the Virginia Association of Museums in Richmond, working with students, business professionals, museums and cultural heritage sights across the Commonwealth.

Guest decided, however, to pursue “an opportunity for professional growth” by returning to RCC. She notes that the school has changed quite a bit since 2006, thanks in most part the renovations, which were completed several years back. Even so, she says “Just like today, the student lounge was the hangout spot.”

Though things may have changed in the way the College looks, its heart is still the same. And she is happy to be a part of the team who can serve the next generation of soon-to-be RCC graduates. Part of that mission will be to make sure her students are aware of the opportunities here, including the robust scholarship program. Guest took advantage of those dollars when she was a student.

“I’m so grateful that I received that aid — that helped me tremendously,” says Guest. She tells students that she meets now, “Even if you think [you won’t be eligible], take a moment, read everything, and apply.”

Her decision to return to RCC for work, she says, “From my experience as a student, I knew RCC was a great school and knowing some people that worked here, I knew it was a great college to work for.”

Guest welcomes new students to the school, saying, “Come to school every day with a positive attitude … keep in mind your loved ones that are rooting for you. Work hard and make the best possible effort.” — Mary Ashley Cline