Fall 2017 RCC Library Writing Award winners named

Savannah Bryant and Heather Brown

RCC students Savannah Bryant and Heather Brown won first and second place in the Fall 2017 Student Research Paper Awards competition.

The staff of the Rappahannock Community College Library is pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2017 RCC Student Research Paper Awards competition.

For fall and spring semester, the RCC Library hosts a competition for students, who are invited to submit papers which were written initially for class credit. This edition of the contest had two judges, Dan Ream, Coordinator of Library Resources, and RCC’s Dean of College Advancement, Sarah Pope.

Out of 17 papers submitted for consideration, two submissions were selected to be the best.

First place went to Savannah Bryant for her paper entitled, “Vaccine and Cognitive Development: The MMR Vaccine and the Supposed Effect on Autism Spectrum Disorder,” which she wrote for Prof. Gena McKinley’s English 111 class.

Bryant, who lives in Aylett and graduated from King William High School, will receive a $200 check to accompany this award and Professor McKinley a $50 honorarium for having assigned the paper.

“I spent a lot of time on the paper, and I had a lot of people proofread it for me before I submitted it,” says Bryant. “I was ecstatic when I found out that I won.”

Our second-place prize was awarded to Heather Brown for her paper entitled, “Furosemide: Properties, Alternatives. And the Medication Approval Process,” which she wrote for Professor Don Knox’s Emergency Medical Services class.

Brown, who hails from Gloucester County and attended Gloucester High School, will receive a check for $100 to accompany her award and Professor Knox a $50 honorarium for having assigned the paper.

“I wasn’t expecting to win,” says Brown. “But I got the call, and it’s kind of cool.”

Both winning papers will soon be published online and linked at our Student Research Paper Awards page at https://www.rappahannock.edu/library/research-paper-award/ as well as in a collection of the Virginia Community College System’s best student writing at http://commons.vccs.edu/student_writing/.