Middlesex, RCC graduate, returns to serve at West Point Middle School

Georgiana Lee will tell you that she knew what she wanted to do with her career but was not sure how to get there. After two years at Rappahannock Community College, the Middlesex native found her path and is back home.

“I am more than excited to be coming home,” says Lee, who will soon begin start at West Point Middle School as a counselor. “[Home] is definitely a place of comfort and peace, and a place where I have a lot of support from my old professors, family, and my teachers from high, middle and elementary school.”

Lee’s journey from Middlesex to West Point might look like about a 15-minute drive, but it turns out that this trip took many years and hundreds of miles.

She started her journey as a graduate from Middlesex High School where she entered Rappahannock Community College. She says that as a first-in-her-family college student there was an adjustment period. Luckily for her, Lee had a team at RCC on her side every step of the way.

“The Student Support Services [department at RCC] was extremely helpful in my transition from high school to college,” says Lee. The SSS team works with many students from first-time and underprivileged backgrounds to give them a leg up as they start the unfamiliar process of becoming a college student.

“SSS just understood where I was coming from and they knew a lot about the resources that I may not have known about. They were able to guide me as far as scholarships and on what classes I needed to take.”

Lee was able to take advantage of many scholarships during her time at RCC. And thanks to funds that she earned from the Middlesex community and those granted by the RCC Educational Foundation, she did not have to spend any of her own money. After she graduated from RCC with her Associate in Arts and Sciences in 2014, Lee transferred with her RCC credits to Old Dominion University.

For two years, Lee toiled at ODU, where she earned her Bachelor in Science and Psychology in 2016. From ODU, she applied and was admitted to the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education to pursue her Master of Counselor Education degree. She just finished her time at U.Va. a few weeks back.

It’s interesting to note that each step of her educational journey took Lee to a larger school. But she credits RCC for setting the path initially and helping her to understand what she wanted to achieve and how she would get there.

“Over my time, starting at RCC, which is a smaller campus, going to ODU, which is a larger campus and then coming to U.Va. which an even larger campus, I think that RCC provided me with a very homelike feeling,” says Lee.

“I can say that going to ODU my first time there, I was a little overwhelmed because things were so big. But I just remembered that some of the things that I learned [at RCC], which was to stay true to myself and to understand what I wanted and never to be afraid to move forward.”

Lee is excited to begin her career, and after many years and miles, she is close to home and doing what she has always wanted to do — work with children to help them to achieve their many goals.

“I definitely think I will be using my skills in psychology as well as in counselor education to help build a comprehensive school counseling program for the students,” she says. “To make sure that all of the students know that they are definitely cared about by myself and to make sure they have a great support system [is my goal].”

She says that having her hometown resources right down the street will be a big plus as well. Though now she is a Charger, a Gull, a Monarch and a Cavalier, she will recommend her original college alma mater to everyone.

“I would definitely tell people to try RCC,” says Lee. “There are many different pathways there regardless of what you’re interested in or what you’d like to study. And even if you’re unsure of what you’d like to study, there will be someone there that can help guide you.”