RCC recognizes the very best grades from the Fall 2017 Semester

A Club Fall 2017

Joy Bodiford, Nicole McCuistion, Candi White, Jessica Ray, Destiny Chamberlain and Christina Hamilton pose together after the luncheon held in their honor on March 30 at the Glenns Campus of Rappahannock Community College.

At a formal luncheon at the Glenns Campus of Rappahannock Community College on March 30, a group of students gathered to share some time with faculty and staff. Their achievement was considerable — each of them earned straight As for the Fall 2017 semester.

The event was produced by RCC’s Student Support Services, a grant-funded office at the College whose purpose is to give assistance to first-year college students, income-eligible students, or to give help to students who have a documented disability.

This group, made up of students from throughout the 12-county service region which RCC serves, heard from Shannon Turner, who works in RCC’s financial aid office. Turner graduated from RCC, and successfully transferred to Regent University where she earned her bachelor’s degree. Turner, too, was a first-generation college student.

Turner gave the students advice on what to do after they’ve earned their associate degree, and how to find their right match in the working world.

“I thought once I had graduated I would just automatically become this great working professional and not have to worry about finding a job because — who wouldn’t want to hire me,” said Turner.

“Let me tell you it is hard out there! You fill out application after application and hear nothing, but you don’t give up, and you keep trying. Keep working hard, people will notice, and opportunities will come.”

Essex County:

  • Maurisha Turner

Gloucester County:

  • Alexis Belcher
  • Joy Bodiford
  • Joshua Dreyfous
  • Christina Hamilton
  • Nicole McCuistion
  • Tracey Mcfarland
  • Christina Pyatt

King and Queen County:

  • Destiny Chamberlain
  • Emily Cialone
  • Candi White

King William County:

  • Savannah Curry
  • Cherry Townes
  • Laura Zenhye

Lancaster County:

  • Jessica Ray

Middlesex County:

  • Chloe Williams

Northumberland County:

  • Steven Reynolds

Richmond County:

  • Brandi Metz

Westmoreland County:

  • Misty Rowe