Rappahannock Community College

Scholarship recipients and donors honored at RCC

Sherika Charity, RCC’s financial aid and veterans’ affairs coordinator, addresses recipients of RCC Educational Foundation scholarships on the subject of saying “Thank you,” and investing in their future and the future of others.

Sherika Charity, RCC’s financial aid and veterans’ affairs coordinator, addresses recipients of RCC Educational Foundation scholarships on the subject of saying “Thank you,” and investing in their future and the future of others.

A formal ceremony followed by a reception, recognizing students who won scholarships for the academic year of 2015-16, as well as the donors of those awards, was held at Rappahannock Community College’s Warsaw Campus on October 28.

RCC’s president, Dr. Elizabeth Crowther, and the president of its Educational Foundation, Dr. Robert Gates, welcomed attendees to the event and acknowledged members of the College Board and the Educational Foundation Board of Directors.

The evening’s featured speaker was Sherika Charity, RCC’s coordinator for financial aid and veterans’ affairs. Her focus was the importance of saying “Thank you” to all those who invest time, effort, and money in helping us to grow and develop as individuals and as valuable members of the community. She gave a number of examples of relatives, teachers, and benefactors from her own life, some of whose actions she was not particularly grateful for at the time, but that she recognized later as being essential to her becoming a responsible and educated adult.

“Because they invested in me,” she said, “I stand today able to invest in you, just as so many others in this room have invested in you through their scholarships and through their many hours of service.”

In turn, she said, the scholarship recipients can pay that investment forward simply by making sure that the money is not wasted — by making good in their chosen fields. “Leave this room tonight and continue to say ‘thank you’ through your successes!” she emphasized. “And then pass it on by investing in someone else.”

RCC’s dean of student development, Dr. David Keel, then read the names and awards of the scholarship recipients who were present. Many of the recipients were not able to attend the program, having job, family, or other commitments … but for those who did attend, making a personal connection with the donors of their awards, as well as the “RCC family” members who work on their behalf, was a heartwarming experience.

Dr. Crowther concluded the event by acknowledging all the scholarship donors who attended, and inviting them, the student honorees, and their families and friends to adjourn to the student lounge for refreshments and socializing.

This year, 137 RCC students won 234 scholarships administered by the college’s Educational Foundation. Including scholarships from other sources, some of the students received as many as eight awards.

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