Student Research Paper Awards

Each semester, Rappahannock Community College Library, honors the best of the best with its Student Research Paper Awards competition. The intent of the Student Research Paper Awards is to recognize and encourage excellence in library research and writing.

Below is a map that shows the current readership activity of award-winning student writing across the globe.

Papers are be judged primarily by the quality of Library and Internet sources cited (including journal articles, books, or web resources), as well as the overall quality of writing and presentation. Papers may be about any topic and may be of any length, so long as reliable information sources are cited. Longer papers will not be assumed better papers.

Top prize will be a $200 award to the student writing the paper with a $50 honorarium to the RCC professor who assigned and graded the paper. Second prize will be a $100 award to the student and a $50 honorarium to the assigning/grading professor. Submitted papers must meet the following criteria:

  • Paper must be originally written and turned in for RCC credit during the Spring 2019 semester.
  • All sources must be cited using a standard citation format (MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian).
  • Library staff may be consulted for research advice and assistance.
  • Web resources cited must be of high quality (consider authorship, bias, currency, etc in determining this).
  • RCC will be permitted to publish the winning papers on its website.

Instructions for Submitting Papers

Please save or convert your paper to a Word document and attach it to an e-mail addressed to no later than 5 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on Monday, April 29, 2019.

In the e-mail accompanying your paper please include the following

  1. Your name, RCC e-mail address, and phone number;
  2. The title of your paper;
  3. The RCC course name and number this paper was written for during Spring semester 2019;
  4. The name of the professor who assigned and will grade your paper.

This information will be removed before judging. This project has been funded through the RCC Educational Foundation, Inc.

Questions may be addressed to RCC Library Coordinator Dan Ream at

Fall 2018 Winning Entries
  • “Assessing the Cost of Healthful Food Choices in America” by Sarah Wagner (1st place)
  • “Justice and Capital Punishment” by Marianne Warrington (2nd place)
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