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RCC provides high-quality, cost-effective, flexible, comprehensive and responsive programs designed around business, industry and your education needs.

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Our customized training teaches our neighbors in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck hands-on skills for immediate application in the workplace.

We offer classes and programs that can help develop you for careers and promotions.

RCC serves the business needs of the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck counties by adding and updating training for occupations as business needs emerge — or before.

Rappahannock Community College has become known in Virginia for doing this well. RCC has worked with businesses and governments to construct education consortia and new training programs that increase the number of credentialed workers in our region. Find out more today.

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Choose Your Pathway:

shannon l kennedyAt RCC, we can help you start, change, or enhance your career! And, we can do it close to home and affordably. Tuition assistance and financial aid are available for most programs and credentials, whether you are enrolled in short-term training or a two-year degree program. Our programs are available in a variety of formats: online; face-to-face; or a combination of the two; and, we can create a schedule that meets the demands of your life.

Times have been so difficult in recent months. If you are out of work, now is the perfect time to learn skills that can jump-start a new career. We offer programs in engineering, welding, nursing, IT, commercial driver licensing (CDL), accounting, and many other technical training and college transfer programs.

Let us help you get what you need to be promoted in your current position, place you at the front of the hiring line, or get you into the university of your choice through our Guaranteed Admissions program. Our programs continue to expand throughout the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula and we have multiple locations to serve you. Keep checking back for what’s new!
At RCC, your success matters!

Shannon L. Kennedy, Ed.D.

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    Close to Home and Affordable: RCC is Your Community’s College
    At Rappahannock Community College, you can choose your own pathway and set course to success. With locations in King George, Warsaw, New Kent, Glenns, Montross and Kilmarnock, RCC is your college for the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. RCC is an affordable choice to pursue your degree or certification and transfer to more than 40 colleges and universities across Virginia. Financial aid and scholarships are available!
    Call us at 804-333-6730 or apply at

    Electrical and Instrumentation Technician
    Learn more about this exciting hands-on field with an average base salary of $57,339 in Virginia ( Career options include: manufacturing technician, industrial engineering technician, industrial electronics technician, industrial instrumentation technician, instrumentation specialist, instrumentation planner, instrumentation engineering assistant and instrument repairperson.

    Currently have 100% employment in the field for graduates.
    Earn two certificates:
    Practical Electrical Technician Career Studies Certificate (16 credits)
    Electrical and Instrumentation Technician Career Studies Certificate (17 credits)

    These stack into a two-year degree program (68 credits).

    Program is financial-aid eligible. Estimated cost for the 2-year program with tuition, books, and fees is $12,000.
    Contact Tom Danaher:

    Accounting Certificate
    This is a certificate program designed to be completed in one year. (11⁄2 if you do not go full-time.) (33 credits)

    Learn a broad-range of accounting skills. This is perfect for the small business owner or employee who wants to expand their money management skills. It prepares you to be: Accounts Receivable Clerk; Accounts Payable Clerk; Bookkeeper; Cash Receipts Clerk; Cash Payments Clerk; Bill and Account Collector; or Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerk.

    This certificate is financial-aid eligible. You should fill out a FAFSA. Estimated cost for full-program with tuition, books, and fees is $6,900.
    Contact Marty Brooks:

    HVAC Technician
    RCC offers a part-time evening program at New Kent. Most program students work during the day, often in HVAC fields.

    The average HVAC technician salary is $43,353 with an average $6,000 of overtime. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 15% growth in the demand for HVAC techs from through 2026.

    You can earn two career studies certificates:
    HVAC Career Studies Certificate: (17 credits)
    One year evening part-time program.

    This certificate is financial-aid eligible. Estimated cost for full program with tuition, books, and fees is $2,800.

    HVAC Career Studies Certificate, Advanced: (29 credits)
    Two year evening part-time program.
    This certificate is financial-aid eligible. Estimated cost for full program with tuition, books, and fees is $4,550. Contact Marty Brooks:

    Law Enforcement or Security?
    At RCC, you can get a part-time two-year certificate in police science, a two-year degree in criminal justice or take the first two years in a four-year police science degree. All courses are available online.

    Improve your chances of being selected for the police academy, get qualifications for acceptance to state trooper academies, or start your way to a degree that will allow you to progress to police or correctional management.

    Program is financial aid eligible. Estimated cost for the full two-year AAS in Administration of Justice degree (66 credits) with tuition, books, and fees is $10,500.
    Contact Marty Brooks:

    Culinary Arts Career Studies Certificate
    Have you always wanted a creative profession and loved to cook?
    Get a Culinary Arts Career Studies Certificate in one semester (16 credits).

    This certificate is financial-aid eligible. Estimated cost for full-program with tuition, books, and fees is $2,500.00.
    Get an Advanced Culinary Arts Career Studies Certificate in two semesters (28 credits).

    This certificate is financial-aid eligible. Estimated cost for full-program with tuition, books, and fees is $4,550.
    Contact Hatley Bright:

    RCC offers to networking and cybersecurity certificates.
    In one semester—full-time; two-semesters—part-time, earn a Basic Networking and Cybersecurity Career Studies Certificate (12 credits) Estimated cost for full program with tuition, books and fees is $2,500.

    In two-semesters—full-time; three-semesters—part-time, earn an Advanced Networking and Cybersecurity Career Studies Certificate (27 credits).

    Estimated cost for full-program with tuition, books, and fees is $4,750.

    Certificates help prepare you to earn Security+ industry credentials and give you the entry-level skills to become a security analyst, starting at $52,918; security architect, starting at $54,000; Network Administrator, starting at $46,000; and security consultant, starting at $44,000 (Glassdoor Salaries).
    Contact Lisa Carrington:

    Pre-Teacher Education
    Do you want to be a teacher? RCC’s Pre-Teacher Education Programs are the smartest ways to go. We can put you on the path to being an elementary, middle or high school teacher. Once you complete your degree at RCC, you can transfer to more than 20 teacher education programs in Virginia, and save significantly in the process. Regardless of the level you want to teach, we can help get you there!
    Contact Eric Barna:


    Contact RCC. We’ll help you every step of the way:


      Educate VA/ Career Switcher Program

      Would you like to become a teacher in Virginia?

      Looking for a second career? Virginia’s Community Colleges offer a fast track, alternative teacher licensure program – EducateVA. This program is part of the Virginia Community College and is organized by the Community College Workforce Alliance.

      EducateVA will allow you to continue with your current job and complete the teaching certification program through a combination of online classes and 7 onsite Saturday classes within 18 weeks.

      For more information, qualifications and to see areas of endorsement go to or call 804-523-5671.

      EducateVASince 2004, the EducateVA Career Switcher program has trained over 1,800 teachers.

      EducateVA  is ideal for people who have already earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, have three or more years of full-time work experience, and are looking for a practical, affordable route to becoming a teacher in the Commonwealth.

      Through a combination of online and face-to-face Saturday classes, EducateVA is a flexible option for individuals working full or part-time, while they complete the first level of the program.

      At the core of the EducateVA program is the professional feedback provided by our instructors and program staff.  Our team is made up of leaders in the field of education, which includes veteran classroom teachers and administrators, from all levels.  The faculty will support each new teacher through the critical first year in the classroom and beyond.

      Do you need to earn your high school diploma equivalency?
      Are you tired of low-paying jobs?

      RCC Adult Education is committed to ensuring that Northern Neck adults have the opportunity to earn a GED® credential — and beyond. A high school or GED graduate earns an average of $9,620 more per year than a non-graduate, and the earnings increase as educational attainment levels increase. Can you attend class twice a week? If so, this free GED® program may be for you! It is possible to have additional occupational training in conjunction with the GED® coursework. Classes are available online!
      Call 804-333-6829 to register.

      English as a Second Language classes are also available online.
      Call Sara Lopez at 804-313-5018 or Sherry Grantham at 804-333-6829.

      Pictured: Craig J. Boykin — after dropping out of high school and experiencing many other setbacks, Craig J. Boykin bounced back to earn his GED, and then bachelor’s and master’s degrees and finally a PhD (GED2PHD!) from Auburn University.

      Dr. Boykin is a speaker and author based in Montgomery, Alabama, and has been a guest speaker at RCC twice.


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        Become a partner in the consortium and benefit immediately!

        • Opportunities to network with other HR professionals in the local area.
        • Attend scheduled sessions on relevant topics.
        • Stay abreast of current trends and best practices within the HR community.

        Build company HR capacity, knowledge and agility.

        Download the flyer here.

        Rappahannock Institute for Lifelong Learning (RILL)

        RILL’s non-credit college-level classes are held in several convenient locations within RCC’s service region. The courses do not require prerequisites nor have tests. Evaluations by participants will provide valuable feedback for future offerings.

        Enroll in a course today and explore something new in a stimulating classroom environment where you can share your interests with community members. RILL is an exciting program of the Rappahannock Educational Foundation, Inc. (RCC EFI) that is intended to be a life-enriching learning experience for adults. As RILL students keep their minds active through these thought-provoking classes, they also have the privilege of helping local students in their pursuit of higher education. Each year a scholarship is awarded to an RCC student through net proceeds from RILL class tuition payments. Visit the RILL webpage at

        Brittany Abdul-Malik
        804-333-6707 •

        Contact RCC. We’ll help you every step of the way:


          ocatsThe RCC Workforce Office of Career and Transition Services (OCATS) was created to give a helping hand to those who are looking for a new career. If this sounds like you, we’d love to sit down with you sometime and map out a plan that makes sense for you and your family.

          Find a job today!

          To make an appointment:

          Career Coaching
          • Career assessments and exploration
          • Educational and career planning
          • RCC admissions/enrollment
          • Career Workshops

          Workforce and Youth Services (WAYS)*
          • Career pathways
          • Leadership development
          • Paid and unpaid work experience
          • Tutoring and mentoring

          TANF – Power and Power-Up Programs*
          • Education and career
          assessment workshops
          • Life skills
          • Work readiness
          • Technology skills
          • Occupational training
          • Employment assistance

          Adult Education
          • High School equivalency (GED)
          • Adult basic education
          • English as a Second Language

          WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Services* Training Services:
          • Occupational skills training
          • On-the-job training
          • Entrepreneurial training
          • Skill upgrading

          Career Services:
          • Job search and placement services
          • Labor market information
          • Career assessments
          • Pre-vocational services

          *for eligible individuals

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            Join your colleagues for quality, engaging and fun professional development!

            • Earn Virginia Teacher License Renewal
            • Learn more about hot topics in
            • Increase student
            • Enhance your professional “tool ”


            Transfer Virginia
            Making Transfer Work for Everyone with Passport 16

            girlAre you looking for a way to save time and money when you transfer to a university?
            Start by earning your Passport 16!

            Passport 16 is a 16-credit hour cluster of five RCC courses that will transfer and satisfy basic requirements at any public college or university in Virginia.

            Spend a semester taking these five courses now — save a semester (and a bundle of money) later!

            Consult with your RCC advisor (or call 804-333-6730) about placement and prerequisites — then pick one course from each of the five categories below:

            Written Communication
            ENG 111 – College Composition I

            Humanities and Fine Arts or History
            ART 101 – History and Appreciation of Art I
            ART 102 – History and Appreciation of Art II
            HIS 111 – History of World Civilization I
            HIS 112 – History of World Civilization II
            HIS 121 – United States History I
            HIS 122 – United States History II

            Social and Behavioral Sciences
            ECO 201 – Principles of Macroeconomics
            PLS 135 – American National Politics
            PLS 211 – US Government I
            PSY 200 – Principles of Psychology
            SOC 211 – Principles of Anthropology I

            Natural Sciences
            BIO 101 – General Biology I
            CHM 101 – Introductory Chemistry I
            CHM 111 – General Chemistry I

            A. Quantitative/Statistics Pathway:
            MTH 154 – Quantitative Reasoning
            MTH 155 – Statistical Reasoning
            MTH 245 – Statistics I

            B. Calculus Pathway:
            MTH 161/162 – PreCalculus I/PreCalculus II
            MTH 167 – PreCalculus with Trigonometry
            MTH 261 – Applied Calculus I
            MTH 263/264 – Calculus I/Calculus II

            Contact RCC. We’ll help you every step of the way:




              virginia ready at rccHow about getting retrained in a rigorous 6 to 12 week credential program for an in-demand job in a high-growth sector? If you are willing to take the challenge, you could get a new job in technology, healthcare or manufacturing. You can receive tuition grants from FastForward and earn a $1,000 award from VA Ready when you achieve your training credential.

              If you’re recently out-of-work, the Virginia Ready Initiative can help you gain necessary skills to get back to work in an in-demand job. 

              This partnership with Virginia Ready, the Virginia Community College System and Virginia’s FastForward Workforce Credential Grant program offers credentials for in-demand occupations across three industry categories – technology, health care, and skilled trades. 

              VA Ready provides registered VA Ready Scholars a $1,000 Credential Achievement Award upon obtaining the final credential in selected training programs.

              va ready logoAnyone who is currently unemployed and eligible to enroll in a FastForward program is qualified to become a VA Ready Scholar. FastForward eligibility is not based on employment status nor enrollment in the VA Ready Scholar program.

              Call today to learn more:


              Contact RCC – We’ll Help You Every Step of the Way.


                • Glenns: 804-758-6750
                • Kilmarnock: 804-435-8970
                • King George: 540-775-0087
                • New Kent: 804-557-2959
                • Warsaw: 804-333-6828