Kimberly Johnson

by Jennifer Rose Bryant

“My time at RCC was very positive,” says alumna Kimberly Johnson. “Nothing but positive memories.”

Kimberly Johnson. RCC 2008

Kimberly Johnson. RCC 2008

Kimberly Johnson was raised by her grandmother in Westmoreland County and money was tight. She didn’t have a car during her first year at RCC but she was able to get to the Warsaw campus with the help of family and friends. Kimberly worked part-time at Lowe’s in Tappahannock and in the Richmond County Public Library (housed within RCC) through the work-study program. She was able to save money for a down payment on a new car—which was a huge accomplishment and key to her moving forward.

Quality education for a fraction of the cost

“I received a quality education for a fraction of the cost,” says Johnson of her time at RCC. A 2008 graduate, she transferred to VCU and obtained a degree in criminal justice. “If not for RCC, I would’ve gone straight to a 4-year [college] and incurred lots of debt. Due to the financial aid available at RCC there was no reason not to excel,” Johnson adds.

Johnson says that her supervisor at the library, Linda Taylor, was flexible and accommodating to her work and school schedules. She credits this flexibility and understanding to her success.

Exceptionally supportive were Paulina Johnson (no relation to Kimberly), acquisition specialist in the library, who helped her get to and from school, and Brenda LeVere, her academic coordinator whom she considers a mentor. Wilma Tynes, Upward Bound director, was instrumental in helping Johnson complete the FAFSA and apply for scholarships.

“There are so many professionals that know your name … there’s an easy rapport with the instructors and small classes” to help you succeed at RCC.

When asked about advice for students, Johnson offered, “If you reach out, someone is going to help you. Rappahannock Community College set me up in so many ways, academically and personally. I’m happy for the opportunity to brag on RCC.”