Kari Conway

TKari Conwayhis year marks the 50th Anniversary of Rappahannock Community College. RCC graduates form the backbone of our local economy—our healthcare providers, bankers, lawyers, small business owners and trades-people. It’s hard to go through your day without being served by an RCC alum is some way. RCC’s Faces of 50 spotlights our alum, like Kari Conway.

Kari Conway says that attending Rappahannock Community College offered her a very useful window of time to figure things out. Conway started taking college courses as a dual-enrollment student in high school so she was ahead of the game when she became a full-time student at RCC after high school. But she was still unsure of what to focus on as her major area of study.

Attending RCC was “a great way to transition to adult life, learn better time management and how to study,” says Conway. “It gives a young person a chance to grow up and become your own person; to slowly transition so that college life isn’t such a culture shock.”

Without the local community college Conway says she would have gone directly to a four-year college but that RCC was the much less expensive route, and since she was paying for it herself, this was a significant deciding factor.

Along with the affordability of RCC, Conway looks back with satisfaction, knowing she took full advantage of excellent local classes and professors. Music Appreciation with Bob Ford, History Appreciation with Olga Nosova, and Public Speaking with Dr. Tommy Neuman are stand-outs.

After RCC, Conway earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. Today she is using her degree and mad math skills as a Credit Officer and Senior Credit Analyst at Virginia Commonwealth Bank in Kilmarnock where she has been for the past 7 years.

“Math was always my strongest subject,” says Conway.