Proctor U

Rappahannock Community College is happy to offer students Proctor U for students who cannot come to the campus for testing. Proctor U is an online proctoring service that allows a test taker to complete an assessment at home while ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution. The proctors are able to monitor test-takers with a relatively easy process using the test-takers web camera and microphone for communication.

Note: Proctor U requires you set up your own username and password within their system; it does not use your myRCC single sign-in

Important Information:

Fee for Service
Proctor U does charge a fee for the proctoring service. Payment is the responsibility of the student. The fee is based upon the length of the exam and lead time for registration. For current rates, you will need to check with Proctor U.

Technical Requirements
Please read this page, especially the notice at the bottom, with details on the items they cannot support.

Automated Equipment Check
Test out your machine with Proctor U’s automated equipment check.