Tickets are now available for the Preakness Party May 18, 2019 tickets.

Join us at historic Grove Mount in Richmond County!

Preakness Party 2019 Tickets



About Preakness Party

Over the past fourteen years, the Preakness Party has provided more than $800,000 to support the College and its students.  Proceeds from the event provide funds for the RCC student scholarship program, faculty and staff professional development grants, and unrestricted program support of the RCC Educational Foundation.  See pictures of the 2018 party on RCC’s Facebook page.

Why Support the Preakness Party?

The Preakness Party raises funds to support a significant local cause. RCC is the only institution of higher education in a 12-county geographic region that is characterized by: higher poverty; lower income and lower education attainment rates than both the state and the nation. Having a strong, accessible community college in this region is key to ensuring brighter futures for our residents. As you enjoy the festivities, know that 50% of your ticket is a tax-deductible contribution to support the College and its students.

Please contact Brittany Jenkins at 804-333-6707 or by email:, for assistance or to request to be placed on the mailing list.