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Enroll in a course today and explore something new in a stimulating classroom environment where you can share your interests with community members. RILL is an exciting program of the Rappahannock Educational Foundation, Inc. (RCC EFI) that is intended to be a life-enriching learning experience for adults. As RILL students keep their minds active through these thought-provoking classes, they also have the privilege of helping local students in their pursuit of higher education. Each year a scholarship is awarded to an RCC student through net proceeds from RILL class tuition payments.

RILL congratulates Shane Hagewood of King George, recipient of this year’s RILL scholarship. Shane is pursuing a degree in criminal justice at RCC.

Classes: RILL’s noncredit college-level classes are held in convenient locations within RCC’s service region — Virginia’s Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula and surrounding areas. Some instructors may suggest specific preliminary reading material to prepare students to get the most from the course; this information will be sent to registered students ahead of time. The courses will include neither prerequisites nor tests.

Benefits:  Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury residents enjoy 50% off class tuition. Virginia Commonwealth Bank Golden Advantage members receive 15% off class tuition.

Many of our classes will be held through Zoom. Not sure about Zoom? Contact Michele for a free demo. Call (301)646-8827 or email minderrieden@rappahannock.edu.

FALL 2020

Did you miss these RILL classes? Now you can access courses on your on time. We’re offering the recordings and handouts of these RILL classes.

Living Large and Leaving a Legacy ($35)

Tom Baker, VP, VCB Financial Group, discusses how the 2020 election and COVID-19 may affect your personal finances and assets, including post-election, non-political prognostications and overview of the CARES Act. Make confident financial decisions before the end of the year.

This three-session class covers: estate planning in plain English; avoiding a real life (post death) “Family Feud”; retirement planning in a low-yield environment; and the joy of charitable giving. Now more than ever, estate and retirement planning, combined with charitable giving is vital to creating a comfortable life in retirement.

Access Living Large and Leaving a Legacy

Introduction to Feng Shui ($20)

Feeling stuck? Stressed? Cluttered? The arrangement of your living areas and work spaces influences your relationships, health, finances, and more. Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Bowie shows you ways to create balance and harmony in areas you spend most of your time to affect positive changes in your life.

Access Intro to Feng Shui

Investing for Income in a COVID World ($20)

Does the volatility of the stock market make you jumpy? Worried about your investments? Clayton James, founder and Managing Director of Jamestowne Investments LLC, talks to you about how to make your investments work for you in an unsettled market

Access Investing for Income

Edna O’Brien Literary Sampler ($35)

In this discussion-based course, Gail Kenna takes students on a literary journey through three novels from the captivating Irish writer, Edna O’Brien whose literary life began in the 1960s and continues today. The works discussed are Country Girls (the trilogy), Light in Evening, and The Little Red Chairs. An optional book will be O’Brien’s memoir, Country Girl.

Access Edna O’Brien

Coming Spring 2021

Church and State in Colonial and Revolutionary Virginia

Historic Christ Church and Museum

Instructor: Robert Teagle

Tentative dates: May 26, June 2, and June 9

10 am to 12 pm


Established by law and supported by taxation, the Church of England was the official religion of colonial Virginia. Church life revolved around the parish, a geographical area that supported a minister and functioned as a unit of local government. Over the 18th century, Presbyterians, Baptists, and other dissenters challenged the Church of England’s authority and traditional role in Virginia society.

In the Revolutionary period, Virginians brought forth religious liberty with landmark legislation that shaped the new nation in profound ways. This course examines how Virginia moved from a royal colony with few dissenters and a well-established Church of England to an independent commonwealth that declared religious freedom to be a natural right of mankind.

Robert Teagle is the Director of Programs & Communications at the Foundation for Historic Christ Church in Weems, Virginia, where he has worked since 2000. He earned his BA in History from the College of William and Mary and MA in American History from Virginia Tech. His research interests include the architectural history of early Virginia, the role of the Church of England and the rise of religious liberty in colonial Virginia, the Carter family, slavery and emancipation, and the history of Christ Church Parish.

Honeybees: A Look Inside and Outside the Hive

RCC Kilmarnock Center

Instructor: Catherine Bennett


Have you thought about becoming a beekeeper or just want to know how to protect and support the bee population? In this course you will learn about the world of honeybees from the inside out and what you can do to help them and us survive. The Queen Will See You Now takes you inside the hive into the organization of this highly organized society, their health, reproduction, and lives. All We are Asking Is Give Bees A Chance presents the efforts we can make in our gardening to help bees, and us, survive together.  Learn about the seven products we use that bees make and we directly use. Get Buzzzy explores how we can help bees from planting beneficial flowers to becoming a newbie beekeeper.

Catherine Bennett, a co-founder of the Northern Neck Beekeeper Club, enjoys the fascinating but challenging pursuit of honeybees husbandry for a quarter of a century with her honey Robert at their farm Melrose Plantation, where she wrote  & published Honeybees & Recipes, a guide for non-beekeepers with an environmental conscience.

Brains and Balance

RCC Kilmarnock Center

Instructor: Meg Miller


2 pm to 3 pm

$35  Register and pay here.

Comprehensive class designed for seniors with the goal of improving strength, flexibility, dexterity, and balance utilizing free weights, bands, and balls. Parts of the class are done while seated in a chair. Emphasis is on exercises and drills to build spatial awareness, improve or restore function, build muscle and assist in activities of daily living. Includes overview of basic muscle anatomy, dance for coordination, and dexterity/endurance challenges, and a lot of fun.

Meg Miller is a certified group fitness instructor who teaches senior fitness classes at the Northumberland YMCA.

(These classes may be rescheduled, moved to Zoom, or cancelled based on changing COVID-19 restrictions.)

For more information, please contact Michele Inderrieden at (804)333-6824 or email minderrieden@rappahannock.edu.