RCC Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors for the Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation.

Anne Barton, Middlesex County
Russell Brown, Richmond County
Catherine Courtney, Northumberland County
Amy DuBois, Mathews County
Ralph Fallin, Westmoreland County
Sue Farmar, Richmond County
Patricia Gallagher (Treasurer), Essex County
Robert Gates (President), King George County
Mike Jenkins, Gloucester County
Scot Katona (Vice President), Essex County
Shannon Kennedy (Secretary), Gloucester County
Joel Knight, Richmond County
Carolyn Lemon, Gloucester County
Patricia Lewis, Lancaster County
Melissa Mason, Mathews County
Lelia McKee, New Kent County
Nicholas Minor, King George County
Audrey Mitchell, King and Queen County
Kathy Morrison, King William County
Patricia Paige, New Kent County
Anita Powell, Richmond, VA
Betty Lee Robertson, Westmoreland County
Martha Tallent, Northumberland County
Lourdes Travieso-Parker, Gloucester County