Canvas Resources for Faculty

Canvas Basics

Implementation Plan

  • Fall 2018 – Initial training opportunities, all faculty receive accounts and sandbox course
  • Spring 2019 – RCC to offer pilot courses in Canvas – Number TBD
    Workshops conducted on multiple dates
  • Summer 2019 – All SU18 courses based in Canvas
    Workshops continue

Faculty Workshops @ RCC

Workshop Title Date Day Time Room
General Introduction 12/17/2018 M 2:00 PM G/W157
Customization and Calendar – Glenns 1/30/2018 W 12:20 PM G157
Customization and Calendar – Warsaw 2/1/2018 F 10:00 AM W154
Canvas Assignments – Glenns 2/13/2018 W 12:20 PM G157
Canvas Assignments – Warsaw 2/15/2018 F 10:00 AM W154
Quizzing in Canvas – Glenns 2/21/2018 Th 12:30 PM G157
Quizzing in Canvas – Warsaw 2/22/2018 F 10:00 AM W154
Canvas Gradebook – Glenns 2/27/2018 Th 12:20 PM G157
Canvas Gradebook – Warsaw 3/1/2018 F 10:00 AM W154
Canvas Tools – what shows where – Glenns 3/13/2018 W 12:20 PM G157
Canvas Tools – what shows where – Warsaw 3/15/2018 F 10:00 AM W154
Designing your Homepage – Glenns 3/21/2018 Th 12:30 PM G157
Designing your Homepage – Warsaw 3/22/2018 F 10:00 AM W154

Recorded Training Sessions

Click on Title to View recording (will open in New Window or Tab) – May need to click recording once to start.

Course Migration from Blackboard

One advantage to moving to a new LMS is the opportunity to reevaluate how we engage with our students.  This is an opportunity to examine course items to make sure that outcomes, assessments, and resources are appropriately aligned, and extraneous elements are removed. We have the following options to develop your course in Canvas:
  • Rebuild the course in Canvas from scratch (recommended).
  • Export the Blackboard course and bring certain elements into Canvas as you build your course (Very workable).
  • Migrate the entire course from Blackboard to Canvas (not recommended, compatibility issues).

Canvas Class Request Form – For the moment only if teaching in SP19

Migration Aids

Getting Set up for a New Semester

Video in Canvas

Arc – a built in video tool for instructors and students – Arc Guides

For questions concerning Canvas, student enrollments, student usernames, etc., please contact the RCC Canvas Administrator, Timothy Hoffman or Kathy Vanlandingham via email, or call 804-333-6786.