Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Basics

Accessibility is not just for those with issues accessing our content – it is a basic best practice that winds up helping everyone out.  Many of the procedures are common sense, but you DO need to look for them.  The VCCS is monitoring all related websites to ensure we are following all appropriate laws, state and federal.  Most of these are based on internationally accepted  WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards.

Accessibility Information

Here is a good Introduction Video to why we are working on this: (video)

World Wide Web Consortium How to Meet WCAG2 Quick Reference (external site)

Accessible PDFs

Start Right: How to Make a Word Document Accessible (pdf)

Finish Up: How to Use the Accessibility Checker in Adobe Acrobat (pdf)

Clearing up any doubts: Check the Logical Reading Order (pdf)

Naming your files: Naming Conventions for RCC PDFs (pdf)

For questions concerning Accessibility in Canvas or our other online tools, please contact the eLearning Specialist, Timothy Hoffman at 804.333.6786.  For web related questions or issues, please contact our Webmaster, Jeff Macharyas, at 804.758.6791.