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Classroom Calendars

Glenns Campus
Name Description
G112 WCD Computer Lab (G112)
G114 WCD Light Industrial Classroom (G114)
G115 Electronics Classroom (G115)
G118 WCD Training Room (G118)
G122 Lecture Hall (G122)
G145 Board Room (G145)
G150 Computer Lab #1 (G150)
G152 Computer Lab #2 (G152)
G153 IV2 (G153)
G154 IV1 (G154)
G155 Classroom (G155)
G156 Classroom (G156)
G157 Classroom (G157)
G158 Classroom (G158)
G159 Classroom (G159)
G170 Nursing Lab I (G170)
G171 Nursing Lab (G171)
G172 Classrooom (G172)
G173 Biology Lab (G173)
G175 Biology Lab (G175)
G176 Physics/Chemistry lab (G176)
G183 Classroom
GEvents Glenns Events Calendar
Warsaw Campus
Name Description
W110 Lab/Classroom/IV (W110)
W114 Industrial Lab (W114)
W117 Classroom (W117)
W118 Classroom (W118)
W122 Lecture Hall (W122)
W140 Warsaw Board Room W140
W151 Classroom/Lab (W151)
W152 Computer Lab (W152)
W153 IV2 (W153)
W154 Computer Lab (W154)
W155 IV1 (W155)
W156 Classroom (W156)
W157 Classroom (W157)
W170 Nursing Lab (W170)
W171 Nursing lab (W171)
W172 Classroom (W172)
W173 Biology Lab (W173)
W175 Biology lab (W175)
W176 Chemistry/Physics Lab (W176)
Wevents Warsaw Events
Kilmarknock Center
KILM_1 Kilmarnock Room 1
KILM_2 Kilmarnock Room 2
KILM_3 Kilmarnock Room 3
KILM_4 Kilmarnock Room 4
KILM_5 Kilmarnock Room 5
KILM_6 Kilmarnock Room 6
Warsaw Annex
W201 Classroom (W201)
W202 Classroom (W202)
W205 Classroom (W205)
W208 Gym (W208)

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