(video transcript):

Ruth Greene: Well it’s my pleasure at our 50th anniversary celebration to see face-to-face one of my students with a tremendous success story, personally as well as academically and I’ve asked her to share just a little bit of what she shared with me.

Debora Moore: Well my main thing, first of all was to let Miss Greene, Professor Greene, know that I went into the class thinking I knew everything about the IT program, the Microsoft programs, and I really knew nothing and I was going around the long way for everything, and she helped me make more time for myself by showing me the easiest  steps to everything. Her patience and dedication to the class was outstanding and it was life-changing for me at 52 years old and back in school even through all the challenges I have been going through during my semester. The patience and support I got from Professor Greene and other teachers here at RCC. I couldn’t imagine going to another school and I just have to say thank you to you Professor Greene.

Ruth Greene: It’s my honor.

Debora Moore: For … your patience and your dedication and interaction with students. We need that. 

Ruth Greene: Well you have quite a story to tell beyond your experience here in class and that i really want to know.

Debora Moore: I’m gonna put her to work!

Ruth Greene: I’m ready.

Debora Moore: Thank you.

Ruth Greene: So can you tell us about what brought you to RCC and a little about your journey?

Debora Moore: I tell you a little bit real quick. I’ve been  doing accounting for almost 30 years, self taught, and I was even up to doing CPA duty, and I had my own accounting business and made great money a lot of money but it got the point where it just wasn’t worth it — the money, anymore. I got tired of babysitting people. So I live near Sweet Hall, near the reservation where I’m from, I’m from the Pamunkey Indian Tribe. And I was driving by here one day and I kinda did a donut in the middle of the road and turned around and I thought  I wanna go back to school, it wasn’t something I had thought about, I just felt that in 2017, it was a tough year for me, I went through a lot of challenges, and lost everything, so I’m starting over again and this was my saving grace coming here back to school and having something to focus on. 

That was positive and then when i got the support from my teachers and encouragement, the students, regardless of your age, or education level, you need that support, that mentorship and communication and, um, I got that from all of my professors, staying in those books, I’m gonna be getting those scholarships, and I’m a new PTK member, which to me  is a life event, i’m so proud and i was asked to man the table today. So I was like “whooo” so um, you just have to put in the work and if it comes easier for you, it’s worth it, you just have to do the work and I can practice what I preach now to do that and it was so worth it.

And having teachers like Miss Greene, was a big part of my healing and progressing forward.

Ruth Greene: You are a true success story and I look forward to hearing the longer, deeper version  in your blog about your non-profit. 

Debora Moore: A blog, yes there will….Miss Greene’s gonna help me with it!

Ruth Greene: So, thank you.

Debora Moore: I’m in my fourth semester here at RCC.