CATALOG: Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who need accommodations to fully participate in the programs and services offered by RCC are encouraged to meet with their RCC Counselor/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator at the Glenns or Warsaw Campus to request accommodations. The counselor at the Warsaw campus also coordinates accommodations for the Haynesville Correctional Center and King George sites, and the counselor at the Glenns campus also coordinates accommodations for the Kilmarnock center and the New Kent site.

To be eligible for accommodations students must submit appropriate documentation from a physician or other professional explaining both their disability, and the necessary accommodations. Services are provided based on each student’s individual needs. Services may include, but are not limited to: orientation to campus, academic accommodations, physical barrier removal, liaison with faculty and staff, and/or information and referral. Once students have requested their accommodations by meeting with the ADA Coordinator, they will meet at the start of each semester with the Coordinator to discuss the accommodations that are needed for each of their courses that semester. Because the accommodations process is the collaboration between faculty, the student, and the Coordinator, it is the student’s responsibility to let the Coordinator know if accommodations need to be adjusted during the semester.

It is recommended that students who are requesting accommodations for the first time meet with a counselor at least 60 days before the start of the semester in order to provide time for them to submit all the necessary documentation, and have it reviewed.

In the event that an accommodation request is denied, students may refer to the college grievance procedures. This grievance procedure is outlined in the RCC Student Handbook.


Appeals for Substitution of Programmatic Requirements for Students with Disabilities

Program Requirements that are Eligible for Accommodation:

Students must meet all technical standards established for their program of study. Students who have disabilities may be eligible for academic or physical accommodations to meet some of a program’s technical standards.

In cases where a student has a learning disability so profound that it precludes him or her from completing the mathematics requirement in the degree or certificate program in which the student is enrolled, the student may make an appeal for a course substitution. Appeals will be considered on a case by case basis, and appropriate documentation as described below must be provided or be on file with RCC’s ADA Coordinator at either the Glenns or Warsaw campus.  Substitution will not be considered in programs where mathematics and the concepts learned in mathematics are considered essential components of the program of study.

Course Substitution Appeal Process:

  1. All appeals must be in the form of a written request using the ADA Course Substitution Appeals Form.  The form must be submitted to the ADA Coordinator at either the Glenns or Warsaw campus by email attachment, fax, or in person.
  2. The student submitting the appeal must submit or have the following documentation on file in the ADA Coordinator’s office:
  3. Documentation of a disability in accordance with RCC’s guidelines; documentation must show that the student has a disability that impacts mathematics learning.
  4. High school IEP, and/or an evaluation by a licensed clinical or school psychologist regarding computational skills.
  5. Evidence, if any, of completion of high school math courses.
  6. VPT mathematics score, current within 5 years or high school transcript as appropriate.
  7. Statement from developmental or other mathematics instructor regarding any attempted coursework, if applicable.
  8. The ADA Coordinator, in consultation with the Mathematics Discipline Lead and the appropriate academic dean, will review the documentation, consult with individuals as identified in item 2 above, and gather any additional information from the student if needed.  After review, if the substitution is determined necessary, the ADA Coordinator will submit the request for substitution to the college Registrar for processing.  The student must complete the total number of credit hours required for the desired degree or certificate.
  9. Courses that may be utilized for substitution include PHI 111-112, ACC 211-212 (transfer/non-transfer programs); and ITE 140 (non-transfer programs).  Students should be aware that these courses may be delivered through distance learning/shared services through NVCC.
  10. Should the ADA Coordinator be unable to establish the need for a math substitution, he/she will note this on the form, sign it, and retain it as part of the student’s record.  The student will remain eligible for appropriate accommodations while enrolled in mathematics courses.

Last modified on 01-25-2023