Academic Planning

The college is committed to supporting students in successfully achieving their academic goals. After completing a college application and taking the Virginia Placement Test, new students should schedule an appointment with a member of the counseling staff to discuss their goals and academic or vocational plans. Counselors and student services specialists provide intake advising, interpretation of placement test scores, and academic exploration for new students.

The counseling staff provides assistance with program selection for new students and with course selection for undecided and non-degree students. Careful consideration is given to the student’s motivation, abilities, aptitudes and past achievements when assisting a student to select a program and to plan appropriate coursework applicable to transfer or employment. Appointments may be scheduled by calling the Welcome Desk at the Glenns 804-758-6730 or Warsaw campus 804-333-6730. Students may make appointments with a specific counselor or walk in and be seen by the first available counselor or student services specialist. Evening appointments are available one evening a week at both campuses.

New Student Orientation
Orientation sessions for new students are held at both the Glenns and Warsaw campuses prior to the start of each semester to welcome students to the campus. Sessions include a tour and provide information about college services, use of online resources such as myRCC and student email, student activities and clubs, and an opportunity to meet other new students. A college ID is issued during orientation. All new students are encouraged to attend.

College Success Skills
All curricular students, except those in career studies certificate programs, are required to enroll in an SDV 100 course designed to foster student success in navigating the college environment. The course assists students in developing and practicing skills and strategies which promote a successful college experience. This course should be completed within the first 15 credit hours of enrollment at RCC. The requirement may be waived on a case by case basis through course substitution for students who hold an Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Other requests for a waiver by course substitution may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students must still successfully complete the required number of credits for their degree. Students seeking substitute credit for the SDV requirement should contact the dean of student development.

Personal Counseling
Sometimes college students may be confronted with new and challenging situations which create pressures and anxieties that require professional assistance. The counselors are available to assist students in developing solutions to problems and issues which may interfere with their academic progress at RCC, and are trained to give individual help to students, however, this is not a substitute for professional counseling. RCC counselors do not provide mental health counseling, but will make appropriate referrals when necessary. Contact the Welcome Desk at either campus to schedule an appointment.

Last modified on 05-03-2017