CATALOG: Domicile Appeal Process

A student who disagrees with an initial tuition classification based on his/her place of residence may make a written appeal to the College Registrar within ten business days of the initial notification. The student may be asked to provide additional domicile information to supplement the Domicile Determination form. The College Registrar will respond to the appeal within 15 business days.

If the student still disagrees with the tuition classification, the student may file a final written appeal with the Dean of Student Development, for consideration by the Student Affairs Committee. No person who serves at one level of this appeal process shall be eligible to serve at any other level of this review. This written appeal must be made within five calendar days of the student’s notification of the first appeal. The Student Affairs Committee will review the domicile determination to ensure that the decision is in compliance with relevant state legislation and guidelines.

A student who is not satisfied with the outcome of the review by the Student Affairs Committee may appeal to the appropriate circuit court. The student must file a petition for review with the court within 30 business days of receipt of the decision by the Domicile Appeal Committee.

Note: Throughout the domicile appeal process, RCC will follow the Guidelines for Determining Domicile and Eligibility for In-State Tuition Charges set forth in Section 23.1-502, Chapter 5 of the Code of Virginia.

Last modified on 08-11-2017