Paying Tuition

Tuition is due by published deadlines.  Other than early semester registration periods, payment is due the same day as registration.  If tuition is not paid at this time (or charged to a scholarship or grant or 3rd party contract) the registration will be cancelled and the student will have to re-register. Payment of tuition entitles students to use the library, bookstore, parking lot, student lounge, and other facilities of the college. Students are expected to pay charges for any college property damaged, or lost, such as laboratory or shop equipment, supplies, library books and materials. Tuition payment may be paid by cash, money order, personal check, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. A $35 charge will be applied for returned checks. After two returned checks, additional financial transactions must be made using cash, money order, or certified check.

Tuition Payment Options
Students may choose from one of the follow ing methods to pay tuition. Partial payments will not be accepted.

Web Payment
Students may access the student information system (SIS) to pay tuition online.

Tuition Management Services
To help meet students’ educational expenses, RCC is offering the Tuition Management Services (TMS) Payment Plan (formerly NBS). For a non-refundable fee TMS allows students to pay tuition in monthly payments. Students can make payments automatically from a checking or savings account or by credit card. This payment plan is not a loan program, and there is no credit check. The earlier students enroll in the program, the more payment options they have; however, students can sign up for the TMS Payment Plan only during registration periods. Dates are posted and students have access to TMS on the RCC website.

NOTICE: Students must provide their checking, savings, or credit card account information for this plan. TMS automatically drafts the monthly payments from the account provided. TMS brochures with more information are available in the Admissions and Record Office, the Business Office, the Financial Aid Office, and at all campus sites, or on the RCC website:

In Person
Tuition can be paid by cash, check, Master Card, VISA or American Express at the Cashier’s window in the Business Office. Payments may be made during regular business and registration hours. In order to facilitate timely processing of the payment, students should have their student ID number (EMPLID) available. Partial payments and checks in excess of tuition cannot be accepted.

Checks for the exact amount due may be mailed to the Business Office on either campus:

RCC Business Office
12745 College Drive
Glenns, VA 23149

RCC Business Office
52 Campus Drive
Warsaw, VA 22572

Payments must be received by the published deadline. Students should enclose their student ID number (EMPLID)

Last modified on 05-03-2017