CATALOG: High School Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment students must demonstrate readiness for college by meeting the minimum criteria listed in the following table:

English / Writing Reading Writing / Reading Mathematics
VPT ENG 111 ENG 111 ENG 111 MTE 1
Compass 76 81 N/A 25
Asset 43 42 N/A 33
PSAT N/A N/A 390 500
SAT N/A N/A 480 (since Mar 2016) *
500 (prior to Mar 2016) *
ACT 18 18 N/A 22
SOL N/A N/A N/A Algebra I – Pass

* SAT initiated a redesigned test on March 2016. Chart shows required scores earned from the new/current test (since March 2016) and required scores earned from the previous test (prior to March 2016).

Dual-enrollment students will be registered for RCC courses through their high school.

Pursuant to the Governing Principles of Dual Enrollment, schools and colleges are encouraged to provide high school students with the opportunity for dual enrollment. The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Dual Enrollment Financial Model applies when dual enrollment courses are held at the high school. Per VCCS policy, full tuition and fees apply if a high school student enrolls in dual enrollment courses. Reimbursement to the school for a portion of the tuition might occur if the school’s contribution of resources is adequate as specified in the dual enrollment contract between Rappahannock Community College and the Virginia Public School. Prospective dual enrollment students should first seek information and permission from their high school guidance office before registering for a dual enrollment course.

If eligible, qualified, and admitted, high school juniors and seniors who can benefit academically from an early college experience are welcome to take courses at any RCC campus, RCC site, or online.

Last modified on 03-20-2019