CATALOG: General Admission

Individuals are eligible for admission to Rappahannock Community College if they are high school graduates or the equivalent (GED), or if they are eighteen years of age or older and able to benefit academically from study at the college as demonstrated by assessment scores in reading, writing, and mathematics. Minimum scores are noted in the chart below:

Minimum scores: VPT* Compass Asset
Reading ENF 1 62 35
Writing ENF 1 32 35
Math MTE 1 25 33

* Virginia Placement Test

RCC reserves the right to evaluate and document special cases and to refuse or revoke admission if the college determines that the applicant or student poses a threat, is a potential danger, is significantly disruptive to the college community, or if such refusal or revocation is considered to be in the best interest of the college. RCC also reserves the right to refuse admission for applicants that have been expelled or suspended from another college, which has determined the applicant to be a threat, potential danger, or significantly disruptive.

Disclosure of your social security number is not required but is highly recommended. However, the VCCS will only use your social security number in accordance with federal and state reporting requirements and for identification purposes within the VCCS. It shall not permit further disclosure unless required or authorized by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, 20 U.S.C. § 1232g, or pursuant to your obtained consent.

Inquiries and requests for information pertaining to admission to the college should be addressed to:

Admissions & Records Office

  • Glenns Campus: 804-758-6740; 804-758- 6760 TDD
  • Warsaw Campus: 804-333-6740; 804-333- 6760

Curricular Student Admission
Curricular students are those who wish to pursue, on a full or part-time basis, the completion of a degree or certificate offered by RCC. For curricular students, the following items are required for admission:

  • A completed online application for admission.
  • A completed Virginia Placement Test (VPT) English and math test or qualifying multiple measures for placement.
  • An official high school or GED transcript if student is pursuing the Associate Degree in Nursing or the Practical Nursing programs.
  • A graduation date and documentation of coursework if the student has completed secondary school education in a home school setting.
  • Official transcripts from any colleges/universities (other than VCCS colleges) if the student is seeking transfer credit.
  • A completed VCCS Transfer Evaluation Request Form designating any VCCS college attended if the student is seeking transfer credit.

Additional information could be required by the college for admission to specific programs.

Non-Curricular Student
Non-curricular students are those students who do not currently intend to apply credits toward completion of a program of study (degree or certificate) offered by RCC. A non-curricular student is, therefore, not formally admitted to one of the curricula. For non-curricular students a completed online application is required for admission.

RCC offers VCCS approved placement strategies that provide consistent and reliable results for students applying to enroll in associate degree programs, certificate programs, and in courses that require a reading, writing, or math prerequisite. Students enrolling in Career Studies Certificate programs may be waived from placement, unless a course in the program requires a reading, writing, or math prerequisite. Assessment will be offered through placement testing and other approved measures.

Placement Testing
RCC offers the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), a VCCS approved placement test, which provides consistent and reliable assessment results for students applying for enrollment in associate degree programs, certificate programs, and in courses that require an English or math prerequisite. The VPT-English and math test is a comprehensive test that will assess the student’s ability in reading, writing, and math. This test is designed to help place students into appropriate courses needed to ensure student success. 

Dual enrolled high school students who enroll in programs or courses must meet the admissions criteria as well as any applicable course prerequisites.

Multiple Measures for Placement
RCC also uses the following means and measures to determine a student’s readiness for college- level English and math courses:

  • Any student who has earned an associate degree or higher or who has earned a C or better in college-level courses in math and/or English at a regionally accredited institution will be exempt from placement testing provided the student meets the prerequisites for the respective courses in the chosen program of study.
  • Any student who has successfully completed developmental courses at a VCCS institution will be exempt from placement testing in those areas.
  • Any student who has successfully completed developmental courses at a non-VCCS institution will have their coursework evaluated for placement.
  • A student may submit a high school/home school transcript or an approved test score for placement evaluation. Placement will be based on the tables below. Seniors who have not yet graduated may submit a transcript as of the completion of the first semester of the senior year to determine readiness for placement into college-level courses for the purpose of early admission.
  • Any student who is not placed using this criteria will take the Virginia Placement Test. A student also has the option to take the Virginia Placement Test in order to improve their placement standing after other measures are considered. Such placement test scores will not be used to place a student in a lower English or math course than indicated by other criteria, unless the student desires a lower placement.

Students who do not take the VPT and who do not meet any of the multiple measures for math and English placement, must start in MTE 1 and ENF 1. Multiple measures for placement do not apply to any students taking classes while still enrolled in high school.

Measures for Math Placement
Math placement will be determined using one of the following measures listed in the table below.

Math Placement Measures # HSGPA or Score Range Placement
HSGPA and Algebra II and One Algebra Intensive Course* *Algebra Intensive Courses above Algebra II: Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Algebra III. 3.0 or higher MTE 1-9 Satisfied
2.7-2.9 MTE 1-9 Co-Requisite Eligible
HSGPA and Algebra II 3.0 or higher MTE 1-5 Satisfied
2.7-2.9 MTE 1-5 Co-Requisite Eligible
HSGPA and Algebra I 3.0 or higher MTE 1-3 Satisfied
2.7-2.9 MTE 1-3 Co-Requisite Eligible
SAT – Math 530 or above MTE 1-9 Satisfied
510-520 range MTE 1-5 Satisfied
ACT – Subject Area Test Math 22 or above MTE 1-9 Satisfied
19-21 range MTE 1-5 Satisfied
GED – Math 165 or above MTE 1-5 Satisfied
155-164 range MTE 1-3 Satisfied

Measures for English Placement
English placement will be determined using one of the following measures.

English Placement Measures HSGPA or Score Range Placement
HSGPA 3.0 or higher ENG 111
2.7-2.9 ENF3/ENG 111
SAT – EWR (Evidence Based Reading and Writing) 480 or above ENG 111
460-470 range ENF3/ENG 111
ACT – Subject Area Tests English and Reading 18 or above ENG 111
15-17 range ENF3/ENG 111
GED – English 165 or above ENG 111

High school grade point average (HSGPA) is valid for five years after the date of high school graduation. SAT, ACT and GED Test scores are valid for five years after the date of the test. Virginia Placement Test-Math or English scores are valid for five years after the date of the test. Previously taken developmental courses will be valid for five years after semester taken.

Only GED 2014 through current year scores can be used for placement with Multiple Measures. GED tests taken previous to 2014, international versions of the GED, or other high school equivalency tests cannot be used for placement.

Students who take the Virginia Placement Test – Math or English and who do not enroll in developmental math or English are allowed to take one retest within twelve months. Students who attempt a developmental mathematics or English course will be ineligible for a retest. Exceptions to this retest policy may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Placement across Colleges

  • VPT scores taken within 5 years of initial enrollment may be used at any VCCS college.
  • Multiple Measures evaluations are not accepted from other VCCS colleges.

A student who interrupts enrollment at RCC for more than three years (nine semesters) is required to submit an up-to-date application for admission. The application must be submitted before registering for classes. An applicant who applies for admission but does not enroll in classes within one year (three consecutive semesters) is required to submit an up-to-date application for admission.

Admission to Specific Curricula
In addition to the general admission requirements, specific requirements for each curriculum of the college are prescribed by each department. Specific requirements for each curriculum are listed in the Academic Programs section of this catalog. Admission to some courses is available only when the student meets the prerequisite requirements for the course. Students who do not meet the academic requirement for a specific curriculum may become eligible to enter the curriculum by completing a developmental studies program prescribed by the college. Students applying for admission to an Associate Degree program (Associate of Arts and Sciences or Associate of Applied Science) must be high school graduates or the equivalent and must have achieved a placement test score which indicates readiness for college-level course work or have completed an approved developmental studies program.

For programs with selective admissions processes, educational and occupational experiences of the student and other reasonable standards will be considered to ensure that the student possesses the potential to meet the program requirement.

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