CATALOG: Admission of Transfer Students

Transfer students who are eligible for re-entrance at the last college of attendance are also eligible for admission to RCC.

Students transferring from another college or university should consult the Admissions and Records Office for a transfer evaluation. Official transcripts are only evaluated for transfer students who have declared a college major/program at RCC. Coursework transferred to RCC must represent collegiate coursework applicable to the student’s program, with course content and level of instruction resulting in student competencies at least equivalent to those of students enrolled in RCC’s curricula. Collegiate coursework from regionally accredited institutions typically meets the above criteria.

Credit will not be given for courses with grades lower than “C” and grade point averages from prior institutions will not be transferred. Credit evaluations are completed by the College Registrar and require several weeks for processing. Transfer students may be advised to repeat courses if it would clearly be advantageous to their program advancement. For more information about transfer credit and advanced standing, please refer to “Transfer Credit and Advanced standing” found in the Academic information section of this catalog.

Students who are ineligible to return to the last college attended will not be eligible to attend RCC. However, these students may appeal by completing and submitting the Student Admissions Appeal Form to the Admissions and Records Office. The Dean of Student Development will review the appeal in consultation with the Student Affairs Committee and will notify the student by email and postal mail of the decision.

Last modified on 08-04-2017