CATALOG: Syllabi

Instructors will provide a syllabus on or before the first day of class. The syllabus contains all pertinent information for the class including the instructor’s expectations, instructor contact information, grading scales, add/drop and withdraw and attendance policies. Students should pay close attention to the syllabus.

Course Credits

One credit is equivalent to one collegiate semester-hour credit. Each semester hour of credit given for a course is based on the “academic hour,” which is 50 minutes of formalized, structured instructional time in a particular course, weekly for the equivalent of 15 weeks. This is a total of 750 minutes of instruction. In addition to this instructional time, appropriate evaluation will be required. If this evaluation is a final examination, a minimum of one hour will be scheduled for each semester hour of credit generated by the course, not to exceed three academic hours (150 minutes).

Last modified on 08-08-2017