CATALOG: Repeating a Course

Students should consult their faculty advisor or a college counselor when a course must be repeated, and students are limited to two enrollments (attempts) in any credit course. Requests to enroll in the same course for a third time must be documented on the Third Enrollment in a Course form and approved by an academic dean prior to registration. Please note that a withdrawal from a course is considered an attempt for the purposes of repeating a course.

When a course is repeated, only the last grade earned is counted in the computation of the cumulative GPA and for satisfying curricular requirements. Students who withdraw from a course for which they previously had a passing grade will retain that passing grade for graduation purposes.

When a student has exhausted the number of course attempts allowed, the student will be unable to complete a degree or certificate program if the course in question is a required course.

Withdrawing from a Course

A student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty and receive a grade of “W” during the first 60% of the semester or session. The date published as the “last day to withdraw from class with a grade of W” for each semester or session is published in the online academic calendar on the class schedule webpage. A student can withdraw using the online student information system or submit a withdrawal form to the Admissions and Records Office on or before the published deadline.

After the published withdrawal date, if a student withdraws/stops attending or is withdrawn from a course, a grade of “F” will be assigned. Exceptions to this policy may be considered for mitigating circumstance if the student was making satisfactory progress in the course when their attendance or participation ceased. Mitigating circumstances are defined as instances in which the student was unable to complete the course due to circumstances such as serious illness, death in the immediate family, full-time employment or shift change, or relocation outside the area.

Withdrawals for mitigating Circumstances

Withdrawals for mitigating circumstances must be submitted in a formal written request on a Mitigating Withdrawal form. Documentation must be included. College email, US mail, or FAX is acceptable. The withdrawal for mitigating circumstances form must be sent to the instructor and academic dean and approved by both, the instruor and academic dean. These withdrawal requests must be submitted by the end of the following semester:

    1. Last day of spring semester for the previous fall semester
    2. Last day of summer sessions for the previous spring semester
    3. Last day of fall for the previous summer session


In most cases, Mitigating Withdrawals apply to all courses. Withdrawal from only selected courses will be considered in extenuating circumstances.  Changes to enrollment may affect financial aid, and military or veteran’s benefits, and result in the student owing a debt to the college.  It is the student’s responsibility to understand the impact of enrollment changes.  Students who withdraw from a course, are withdrawn from a course by an instructor, or receive a mitigating withdrawal from a course are not entitled to a refund.

Procedures for Withdrawals for Mitigating Circumstances

To request a withdrawal after the 60% mark, a student must submit a Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances form with documentation of mitigating circumstances to the instructor of the course and the academic dean. Mitigating circumstances must have been severe, not foreseeable and/or could not have been reasonably prevented during the time period in question. Examples include:

  1. A major medical emergency or severe, extended illness occurring during the semester the student is registered which requires hospitalization, is life threatening, prevents the student from attending classes or is contagious and a danger to the remainder of the College community.
  2. Death of the student or a member of the student’s immediate family (mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, child, or grandparent). An obituary or death certificate is required.
  3. Mobilization or call to active duty for military students. A copy of the military orders is required.

Documentation should be submitted to the instructor and academic dean and include the following:

  1. A letter outlining the circumstances impacting the student’s ability to perform in the course(s) in question and detailing when the circumstances occurred within the semester in question
  2. Documentation from professional(s) verifying the circumstances, when the circumstances occurred and/or receipts or other documents that can verify the circumstances.

The instructor and the academic dean will review the documentation and make a determination about approval/denial of the request.

  1. If approved, the Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances will result in a grade change to W.
  2. If the Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances is denied, the student may appeal the decision to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development within five business days of notification that the withdrawal request was denied. The Vice President of Instruction and Student Development will make a decision and notify the student in ten business days.
  3. In cases, where a course grade has already been assigned, the approved withdrawal form will serve in the place of the Change of Grade Form.

Instructor Withdrawal Policy

Any student who has stopped attending class, or is no longer participating in an online class, and has missed 20% or more of total instructional time as of the withdrawal date will be withdrawn by the instructor. Instructors may consider student requests to be retained in the class and should document when a student is retained at his or her request.


Last modified on 08-28-2019