CATALOG: Transfer to Complete a Two-year Community College Degree or Certificate

Students may transfer RCC courses to meet the requirements of certificates, two year degrees, or four year degrees. Rappahannock Community College, as a member of the Virginia Community College System, works with all of Virginia’s community colleges, state and private colleges to ensure a seamless transfer of courses for completion of certificates or two and four year degrees. For example, a student might begin taking courses at Rappahannock Community College and later transfer to another community college to graduate or complete a degree or certificate. Likewise, students at other colleges or universities are permitted to transfer courses to RCC in partial fulfillment of the graduation requirements for specific two-year degrees or certificates.

To ensure that students from our mostly rural service region have access to a variety of educational pathways, RCC has identified five community college programs (i.e. Horticulture Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Early Childhood Development, Fire Science Technology) that are in demand in our service region and are offered at community colleges in neighboring service regions. RCC has created pathways to these programs. A student can begin taking courses at RCC that will transfer to these programs.   Transfer will be required to complete the courses for the degree or certificate. There are specific courses in the discipline required for completion that are not offered at RCC.  As the student is nearing completion of all RCC applicable courses required for completion as listed in the curriculum, an advisor is available to assist the student with applying and transferring. The final step is completing the courses specific to that two-year degree or certificate at the neighboring community college.

Last modified on 11-16-2019