CATALOG: Pre-Practical Nursing Career Studies Certificate

Length: 15 credits


The purpose of the Pre-Practical Nursing Career Studies Certificate (CSC) is to provide an articulated pathway and advanced placement into the Practical Nursing Program for high school students Dual Enrolled in courses in the CSC, as well as for matriculated college students who desire advanced placement into the Practical Nursing Program. Successful candidates will have completed the major support course requirements of the first semester of the Practical Nursing Program, including the Nurse Aide curriculum.

Program Information

  • Health Record Requirement: Physical examinations, including immunizations, must be completed prior to the start of summer clinical nursing courses. The required medical forms will be provided at orientation. Applicants must be free of any physical or mental condition that might adversely affect their acceptance or performance as nurses.
  • Students who are required to perform clinical rotations in cooperating healthcare agencies must be willing and able to conform to all clinical requirements of participating clinical agencies, including but not limited to: criminal background investigation; drug screening; immunizations including seasonal influenza vaccines; Tuberculosis screening; employment verifications; and, successful completion of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification. (CPR certification must be the American Heart Association Certification for HealthCare Providers). Students are responsible for all costs associated with these requirements. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain current records throughout the program. RCC uses a third party vendor for all screenings and for maintenance of documents. Your instructor will provide you with all details to purchase this service, including deadlines for completion. Achieve a grade of “C” or higher in each course within program curriculum for the advanced placement option.
  • Maintain professionalism in both campus and clinical settings, especially in attitude and responsibility. Failure to meet this requirement can result in termination from the program.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing the required clinical uniforms and name tags through the college’s designated supplier.
  • Conviction of a felony, misdemeanor or any offense substantially related to the qualifications, functions and duties of a registered nurse may constitute grounds for not allowing a candidate to take the licensing exam. This decision is made by the State Board of Nursing. For questions regarding this issue, call the Virginia Board of Nursing 804-367- 4515.
  • Nurse aide students must be in good standing from all previous healthcare employers. Students may be denied clinical placement based on previous work history and thus, cannot be entered into or possibly complete the nursing program

Admission Requirements
In addition to the requirements for admission to the college, the applicant must meet the following prerequisites to the Pre-Practical Nursing CSC.

  • Students must meet all college placement test requirements (MTT 1-3 and ENG 111 eligible),
  • Currently enrolled high school students must also complete any additional application and/or qualifications mandated by their school system.
  • Students may be placed into this program, but must achieve academically as stated below in order to progress to the second semester of the Practical Nursing Program through the advanced placement option.


Course # Title Lecture Lab Credit
NUR 120 Nursing Terminology and Charting 1 2 0 2
PNE 155 Body Structure and Function 2 3 0 3
NUR 27 Nurse Aide I 2 3 3
NUR 29 Home Health Aide 2 3 3
NUR 31 Advanced Skills for Nurse Aides 1 6 3
SDV 101 Orientation to Health Sciences 3 1 0 1
Semester Totals 11 12 15

Total Minimum Credits: 15

1 HLT 143 or BIO 141 may replace NUR 120

2BIO 142 or NAS 150 may replace PNE 155

3SDV 100 is accepted if taken prior to entering the CSC curriculum in Pre-Practical Nursing.

Last modified on 08-30-2019