CATALOG: Advanced Placement Option-LPN to ADN Transition Program


The Advanced Placement Option-LPN to ADN Transition Program is open to Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who possess an unencumbered license to practice practical nursing in the Commonwealth.  This option allows for advanced placement into the 4th semester of the ADN nursing program for all eligible and qualified applicants who successfully complete all of the prerequisite and corequisite courses listed below.   Recent graduates of any Practical Nursing program who are admitted to this option must be licensed as a Practical Nurse by the end of the summer term in which they are admitted.  Failure to achieve licensure will require withdrawal from the transition program.  

This option begins in the summer and ends the following May.  Students will want to make careful arrangements for work and other responsibilities in order to devote the appropriate attention to learning complex material. 

Admission to the program is not guaranteed. Campus locations are also not guaranteed.  All potential students must:

  • have a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) completion with verification on file in Admissions and Records (A&R)
  • complete of all RCC admission requirements
  • demonstrate competency in science knowledge as evidenced by completion of high school (HS) biology (BIO) and chemistry (CHM) or the college equivalents; in certain circumstances, students who have successfully completed BIO 141 and 142 or its equivalents with a grade of “C” or higher may have this requirement waived
  • demonstrate competency in mathematics as evidenced by placement out of MTE 1-5 on the Virginia Placement Test (VPT), successful completion of the developmental modules prior to the last application date in the admission cycle, or meeting multiple measure requirements
  • demonstrate competency in English as evidenced by eligibility for ENG 111 in the first semester of the program
  • be placed in the Pre-Nursing Career Studies Certificate (CSC) for completion of the first semester curricular requirements
  • attend information session
  • apply during the application period
  • be advised by a nursing faculty member prior to application
  • submit all official transcripts to Admissions and Records
  • completion of the Kaplan Nursing School Admissions Test within the last two years of application with a total overall score greater than or equal to 51%. The test may be taken up to two times in one academic year.
  • have a curricular GPA (see the six courses below) of 2.5 or higher
  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for all college-level work.attend the mandatory orientation session in spring prior to the start of the summer term.

If offered a seat in the nursing program, the student must accept or deny admission by the stated due date.  Students who fail to respond will forfeit their seats in the program.


  • LPNs are NOT eligible for Guaranteed Admission to the ADN program.

Prerequisite Courses

The following six (6) courses must be successfully completed with a grade of C or higher before you enter the summer semester to begin the ADN program:


Course Course Title Lecture Lab Credits
ENG 111 College Composition I 3 0 3
BIO 141 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 3 3 4
PSY 230 Developmental Psychology 3 0 3
HLT 230 Principles of Nutrition & Human Development 3 0 3
SDV 101 Orientation to Health Sciences 1 0 1
BIO 142 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 3 3 4


Transition Sequence

Once the student has successfully completed the prerequisite courses, the student may apply to the Advanced Placement Option-LPN to ADN program.  Students will enter in the summer semester.  Courses required in the summer semester are:


Summer Semester      
Course Course Title Lecture Lab Credits
BIO 150 Introductory Microbiology * 3 3 4
NSG 200 Health Promotion and Assessment 2 3 3
NSG 115 Healthcare Concepts for Transition 3 6 5

*Students are strongly encouraged to take BIO 150 prior to the summer you enter into the program. 

Remainder of the ADN program

After successfully completing the above courses, the student will join the existing traditional students in the last two semesters of the nursing program.  These courses include:

Fall Semester        
Course Course Title Lecture Lab Credits  
ENG 112 College Composition II 3 0 3  
NSG 210 Health Care Concepts I 3 6 5  
NSG 211 Health Care Concepts II 3 6 5  
Spring Semester        
Course Course Title Lecture Lab Credits  
NSG 230 Advanced Professional Nursing Concepts 2 0 2  
NSG 252 Complex Health Concepts 4 0 4  
NSG 270 Nursing Capstone 0 12 4  
PHI 220 Ethics3 3 0 3  
Program Totals     67  


LPNs in good standing will receive advanced standing for the courses in the first two semesters of the nursing sequence (NSG 100, NSG 106, NSG 130, NSG 152, and NSG 170) upon successful completion of the summer semester and maintenance of an unencumbered license to practice as a LPN.  The student will graduate with the same number of credits as the traditional student. Students who enter the Advanced Placement Transition program immediately after completing a PN program must be licensed by the beginning of the fall term or they will not be allowed to continue until they do pass the licensure examination.


Last modified on 09-04-2019